Four, yes 4 turkeys, and a ham

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  1. O.K., I just joined last week, but here is the first submission, a home cured picnic ham I started on Ash Wednesday, cured until the 16th of April,  smoked on the 17th along with 4 turkeys I brined for 48 hrs. for my hunting buddies, cold smoked the ham for approx. 6 hrs. before I added the birds,

    pulled the ham out when it hit approx. 145 IT

    test slice for QC, quality control,

    continued the birds for another couple hours,

    til 165 IT

    On Easter Sunday, scored and finished the ham to 160 IT, as you can see by probe,

    hope the picture shows just how juicy the ham was . . .

    Sorry, no additional pics of birds, but all said was best they ever ate, although they always say that.  I think my smoking ability along with the fact I can hit a mosquito of a fly's ass at 200 yds. and put venison on the table helps keep me in good graces with my hunting crew.  Hope you all enjoy, I have another smoke coming up soon for my nieces baptism I hope to share.  See you in a couple days?
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    Wow, very nice ! Looks like some good eatin ! Thumbs Up
  3. Yes, looks some some good eating.


    I do hope, with all the hunting you and buddies do, you have sausage making skills, Because with the animals you bag, there are many sausage making chances to have.
  4. Palladini,,

    Oh yes, the main focus of my smoking is the fall and winter season processing the harvests into many different sausages.  As I stated in my original intro in roll call, come autumn and winter, I will try to capture some, if not most, of the processes I've become accustomed to regarding the creation of these most delectable morsels.  Until then, I will have to settle for some butcher cuts for processing.  Then again, spring will bring the annual fish spawn . . .  probably will add a few smoked fish recipes,  summer is the best catfishing time here in the Midwest . . . and I do have about 30 lbs. of venison that my Father just gave me, so maybe some smoked snack sticks in the near future . . and most definitely will need to do another batch of bratwurst before the Packers and Badgers start there seasons, I'm sure I'll exhaust my supplies with the way the Brewers are going.  Stay tuned!!!
  5. O.K.  it's been a couple weeks, but I've been busy with other projects,  anyways here a some pics of a couple of the bird carcasses stewing away.  Pot includes 2 turkey "skeletons", half a lb. carrots, half a stalk of celery (just the outer sticks, I reserve the tender insides and inner leaves for finishing), an onion, bay leaves and some whole peppercorns.  Bring to boil, simmer for 4-5 hrs. or until justified.  Drain, strain, and store.  Made about 4 qts. of the best stock you can find.  In the freezer now waiting for the "need to cure a cold soup" to be made.  It will cure what ails yah!

  6. OK, Me, I am Making some Pepperettes as I type this, to you they be called Slim Jims or Snack Sticks.  I do not hunt and it has been LONG time since I last went fishing.  I no longer drive, my choice, doctors can pull my license if they want, but haven't as of yet.  Dementia is what I have.  And I am 55
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