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Apr 10, 2020
Greetings, fellow smokers!

I have been smoking meats since the beginning of COVID... That ended up being my go-to time occupier!
I have a Smoking Ace CharGriller (with smoke box), and a Cuisinart Woodcreek 4-in-1 Pellet smoker.
I have done almost every "standard" meat (i.e., beef, chicken, pork), and had great success with some of the wilder ones, like feral hog, Oryx, etc.

I'll post some pics later of some of my family's favorites.
I'm looking forward to collaborating with you all on new techniques and recipes.



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Sep 19, 2018
South Carolina
Welcome from the Palmetto State, more than ready to have you participating.

SH3? As in Sikorsky Sea King?
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Sep 15, 2012
Welcome from VT. Glad to have ya join the forums

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Apr 10, 2020
Thank you all for the warm welcomes!
As promised, here are a few pics of my work. :emoji_wink:


  • Boudin-stuffed Cornish Hens-1.jpg
    Boudin-stuffed Cornish Hens-1.jpg
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  • Boudin-stuffed Cornish Hens-2.jpg
    Boudin-stuffed Cornish Hens-2.jpg
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  • Cheesy Jalapeno Turkey Bombs-1.jpg
    Cheesy Jalapeno Turkey Bombs-1.jpg
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  • Cheesy Jalapeno Turkey Bombs-2.jpg
    Cheesy Jalapeno Turkey Bombs-2.jpg
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  • Cheesy Jalapeno Turkey Bombs-3.jpg
    Cheesy Jalapeno Turkey Bombs-3.jpg
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  • Cheesy Jalapeno Turkey Bombs-4.jpg
    Cheesy Jalapeno Turkey Bombs-4.jpg
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  • Cheesy Pork Meat Balls-1.jpg
    Cheesy Pork Meat Balls-1.jpg
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  • Cheesy Pork Meat Balls-2.jpg
    Cheesy Pork Meat Balls-2.jpg
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  • Sausage-stuffed Pork Roast.jpg
    Sausage-stuffed Pork Roast.jpg
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  • Stuffed, Bacon-wrapped Pork Butt-1.jpg
    Stuffed, Bacon-wrapped Pork Butt-1.jpg
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  • Stuffed, Bacon-wrapped Pork Butt-2.jpg
    Stuffed, Bacon-wrapped Pork Butt-2.jpg
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  • Stuffed, Bacon-wrapped Pork Butt-3.jpg
    Stuffed, Bacon-wrapped Pork Butt-3.jpg
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