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I’ve never met anyone here in person, and this is of no real concern, but Ive come to regard this place as pseudo-family and comforting …

This morning my 4-yo grandson died. He is in my avatar from a while ago, the light of my life and my wife’s, who got us thru this multi-year Covid/lockdown shit-show. We aren’t supposed to outlive our kids, let alone our grandkids. I don’t know how to get thru this. No one will ever be the same. But my daughter and granddaughters need us. I’m sorry to post this … just had to vent somewhere, and this has been a place of solace in other ways. If inclined, pray for my daughter and son-in-law.
Please don’t be sorry to post. Talking about what you are going through is a start to getting through it. Losing one we love is hard and will take a toll on everyone in your family. Check in on each other and reach out for help whenever you need it. My prayers are with you.
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Tim I'm sorry it took me a couple days to post seems the mist in my eyes prevented me from posting earlier. I'm so very sorry that your family has to go through this tragedy it's never easy loosing a loved one but a young child I believe is about the worst. Hopefully the parents and grandparents can get the support needed to get through this. About all I can say is the big man above has a plan sometimes we don't/can't understand it but we have to have the faith to know he does. I will keep your entire family in my prayers and if you want/need to post or talk to someone there are many good people here more than willing to read it or talk including me.
My God, I can't imagine what you and your family are going through.

My heart goes out to each of you.
May you find peace and joy in the memories you created with your family. Hang in there brother, we are here for you, don't think twice about reaching out to us for anything.

Prayers and Godspeed to you and your family in these unimaginable times of grief.

Godspeed to you and yours.
Please forgive me for this but as the father of an almost 3 year old I have to ask. What happened to this handsome little man? Should I be looking for something as a parent? If you wish not to disclose I totally understand, but if it could help someone else...?
Please forgive me for this but as the father of an almost 3 year old I have to ask. What happened to this handsome little man? Should I be looking for something as a parent? If you wish not to disclose I totally understand, but if it could help someone else...?
Trying to not dwell and get it out of my head, but would say unpreventable and unforeseeable accident, nothing you could do …
I'm pretty new here, but when it comes to losing little ones (as a pediatrician) I've had my fair share of exposure. Still it pulls my heartstrings every time I hear about it. God comfort you and your family. Let Him care for your little guy now. Its amazing how much better our lives are when they are touched by the innocent little spirts that we are blessed to know. Even when its brief.

Lean on your family and let them lean too. Vent as much as you need. Post pics...anything that is therapeutic!! Talking with a professional can really help as well. Hang in there. I pray with time your pain is replaced by those golden memories that you'll have for the rest of your life.
So sorry to hear this sad news I lost a son last October and my wife in November. Grief is a tuff thing to have to deal with. If your family needs to go to a councilor. No 2 people deal with grief in the same way. People will tell you it will get better it does get easier but not better. Most people have not been there, so they have no idea. Prayers for your family.

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I’m going to close this now. We buried Jameson Sunday and trust he is in a better place. I thank ALL of you for the thoughts and prayers … it really means a lot to us.
My buddy has 400+ photos up here if anyone would like to get a glimpse into his spirit and the loss for all those whose lives he may have lived to touch and improve.
Please treasure every day you have with your loved ones … life is so short and so fragile. God bless …

Continued prayers for peace and comfort for you and your family.

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Beautiful pictures Tim.
The good Lord has a well needed Task for Jameson.
Continued prayers for your family !
I haven't posted here yet to say how sorry I am. I really am so sorry for your loss.
It's just that I have a 4 year-old grandson too, and every time I click on this thread, I just get too choked up.
Be brave, be well.
So while I failed at brisket, I made this for my daughter yesterday.

Jameson had wanted to be an astronaut at Halloween, and also wanted to build houses for all of us (and the garbage men 😁) on the moon.

This is a picture of a ‘blue moon’ from a friend years ago. The angel is ‘Rosalie’, this years offering in the Evergreen Angels series (crafted in Evergreen CO, and we have several of theirs dating back to when we visited in 2000 to get daughter some help there, and proceeds go to the local hospice). The stone is a Star Ruby (Jameson‘s birthstone) and they all have degrees of purple, some resemblance to amethyst (my daughters birthstone).

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