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For Sale - WSM 18.5"........$100 local pickup

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by bailey151, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. bailey151

    bailey151 Newbie

    I realize this may be bad form, first post as a sale.....but....I've been lurking here a while & figured someone might be interested in this deal.

    The WSM is a few years old but it's only been used 2x a year or so. All the parts are in excellent shape (even the charcoal grate is fine). I've added a BBQ therm in the dome & upgraded to the brinkman pan (have the original). Cover is fine, and door seals pretty good. Reason for sale is I changed to a propane unit, more convenient for me.

    I live in the Northern Virginia area, given the size (& damage issues) I'd say it's next to impossible to ship = local sale.

    EDIT - I added images, as you can see it's in very good condition............all smoked up & ready to go.

    2nd EDIT - reduced price, just want it gone (and not out on the curb)
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