Football Sunday wing experiment and bread of the week!

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Nov 24, 2019
Every Sunday during football season I bake something and cook something . This week it’s homemade molasses bread it is so good! And a wing experiment I say experiment because I have trouble coming out of my box when it comes to wings I enjoy them so much in the air fryer then covered in my homemade sauce ! Well currently have an abundance of wings do to my wife finding a sale bought 35 pounds of fresh whole wings for .99 cents a pound ! So decided to try something new. Marinated wings 7 in olive oil Parmesan crushed red peppers and garli. 7 in teryaki sauce and 7 in my wing sauce. After 3 hours in to the smoker they went. Smoked for an hour and a half then finished in air fryer . Results were good but not as good as the way I usaly make them . Great smoke flavor but I can get that same flavor doing a whole chicken or chicken pieces. So back into my box as far as wings go .


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I'd not pass up the wings. Look good to me. And that bread....Well, i think I could make a loaf disappear pretty quick.
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