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  1. jeffro99

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    Hey guys I just got a food saver model v2040.

    I smoked some cheese over the weekend and attempted to seal them up using the food saver.

    Im having problems getting a good vacuum and getting all the air out, ive seen videos of ppl crushing cans and there is no way mine can do that. as for putting the bag into the vacuum channel is there any secretes to this? do you fold the bag down into the channel?

    leave it flat half way in the channel?

    any advice would be appreciated greatly
  2. Jeffro99,

    Turn the free end of the bag downward into the channel, keep the bag relatively short (a long bag is like a long beer straw, and is harder to suck the air out.  Also, get the bag to lay as flat as possible, with the minimum of wrinkles. When the food saver goes from vacuum to fuse, it may let a small amount of air back in, this it typical. 

    I use my food saver to seal the raw meat in to marinade for a day.  It is also used to extend the life of left-over portions of meat.  It soon will be used to help make Sous Vide bags as well.  I just have to purchase one of those fancy immersion heaters (about $170).

    It can be useful to pasteurize portions.  For example, you make a pulled pork, shred, put a pound of it in food saver bags, throw the bags in a 170 degree water bath for 1 hour (after sealed with the pound of meat in them).  This kills any bacteria which entered the meat during shredding, and increases the shelf life (fridge life) of the meat for longer term storage. 

    The food saver simply increases your options for storage and food prep.

             good Luck,

  3. venture

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    Don't know what you mean by "fold"?

    I just curl mine down into the little trough.  Then carefully hold the bag in place until the lid is firmly closed.

    With a little practice I no longer needed three hands to do that?  [​IMG]

    Also, be sure the seals are clean.  If you have any serious debris in there it can break the seal and you will not get sufficient vacuum.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  4. I have an old unit - I have to put pressure on the middle of the front of the lid to get a good seal and good vacuum.

    Biggest issue is usually wrinkles or folds in the seal channel - as flat as possible is what you want.
  5. timberjet

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    Mine is over ten years old and still works most of the time. I have had to attach the tube they come with for the containers I can't find anywhere and suck some warm water through occasionally to clean it out. seems to do the trick when it gets finicky.

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