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Apr 27, 2014
Hello everyone. I would like to appeal to the group for some advice, particularly to those of you who have food service experience. I have been asked to run a very small lunch table within a larger business where people can have a quick bite. The menu is going to be extremely limited but I plan to offer my pulled pork and pulled brisket sandwiches among a few other things.

My biggest concern is with the quality of the pulled pork and brisket after being reheated and sitting for possibly a couple of hours. I have access to crock pots, a microwave, a gas burner and griddle and I would like to find the most effective way to reheat and keep the meat hot, moist and ready to go without drying everything out over a period of about 4 hours. I have done catering jobs and used chafing dishes but the meat was never in longer than a couple of hours, and my experience with other tools have not been very effective.

If any of you can offer insight or an opinion on what method would serve me best I would certainly appreciate that. Thank you.
You could estimate the amount you'll use every 1-2hrs, and use a couple coolers so that everything gets served within that 2hr window.
You didnt say what kind of Volume you expect. The key to moist meat is keeping the moisture. Open Chafers dry out. Your Crock pots will work but are limited. They're Small, Slow to Heat and not much temp control. 200 servings, 4-5 ounce, is about 32 pounds of each kind of Pulled meat, 64 pounds Raw. 1 pound is roughly 1 pint of volume, or 16 Quarts of each Beef and Pork. So, add a Sauce or other liquid to maintain moisture...A pair of 18 Quart Roasters should do the job of Heating and Holding. For more than 200 servings, the Cambro, SmokinEdge SmokinEdge mentioned, or other Hot Holding Method, 140°F+, will be needed.
Make SURE the company you are working for is covering your Liability Insurance or YOU get whats needed. Not that you will make anyone sick, but someone Chokes or Breaks a Tooth on your food and You will be laying out Big Money! Also check local regulations for a Catering Operation. In many states, to Cater or operate a Food Truck, all Cooking must be done in an Inspected Commisary/Kitchen, separate from your Home Kitchen. All Equipment must be NSF approved, in other words, Professional Restaurant Equipment, Big $$$$!

Inspected Commisary/Kitchen, separate from your Home Kitchen. All Equipment must be NSF approved, in other words, Professional Restaurant Equipment, Big $$$$!
What JJ said
if cooking your meats at home in your smoker or what ever , for public consumption and sales you must have you machines and facilities inspected, and also the transport form home to place of sales and serving. In my understanding. But always check with local laws

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