First time stuffing a brat question

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by rosencra38, May 12, 2008.

  1. rosencra38

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    OK, so I made up some brats yesterday using the HiMountain kit. The only thing I had to stuff them with was my Cabelas Jerky Blaster. It worked pretty good except I couldn't figure out how to make the links I wanted without splitting the casing. I started out filling the stuffing until all the meat was out of the jerky blaster but ended up having a blowout when I tried to make the links by twisting them at the linkage point. The last option I tried seemed to work but was a little more time consuming, I stuffed until I had enough for a link then twisted and stuffed again, repeating till all meat was done. Can someone tell me if I am overcomplicating the process? I've got them all stuffed, cut into individual brats and in the freezer now. Might be able to try one on the grill this weekend.
  2. twistertail

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    I made some a while ago using the blaster also. I pinched the area before I twisted and didnt seem to have any problems. Hope that helps. How did they taste?
  3. rosencra38

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    Thanks guys, I'll try stuffing less and pinching before twisting next time.
  4. erain

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    ishoot my wole casing full and twist links then. expierience will let u know how full to fill. dont have to fill to point of expansion, sqeeze gently where you want link give it a cuple spins note direction, go to next link sqeeze and spin opposite and so onwhen done tie off end.
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    Are you using natural casings or synthetic? I use butchers twine when using collogan casings and I twist each links in opposite directions for natural. If the natural casings are splitting on you try to add a little more water to the meat.
  6. jerrykr

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    It seems like there is a tendancy to want to overstuff the casings when you first get started. I know I myself did. Previous suggestions are good. I'd just add that you might try to avoid stuffing the casings too tightly, for both collegen or natural. That leaves you some room to pinch it off and twist or tie. One other thing, if you overstuff, the meat has a tendancy to want to squirt back out. If it's not under pressure in the casing, it will just stay put. You will get the idea with a few tries, no problem.
  7. I make sausage almost every second day as it is part of my job and to me , the most important variable is the consistancy of the meat. As a rule for fresh sausage such as bratwurst you should need about 1 cup of water for every 5 pounds of meat (including spices and binder). This should make the meat slippery but not mucky. Also, wetting down the inside of the casing will help the meat move around while you are linking it so a jam up won't be the cause of your blowout. Finally just like everyone else said, Don't fill the casings too full. Allow the sausage to pass through your hand as it fills and throughout the process squeeze it gently to see if it is becoming too tight. Remember that if you are single linking it by twisting opposite directions all it takes to tighten up a sausage is to give it another twist or two. If the meat is too wet for your liking let it sit in a meat bin or hang for a couple hours, this will leach out water and improve flavour. Sorry for the long reply, hope it helps.

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