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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by rmciottijr, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Well I received my smoker (WSM 22.5) from Amazon  this week and on a side note I was thinking of going to the place in Virginia to get it for $317, but the cost of fuel and tolls I would only be saving $30 or so and my time is worth more then that. The Smoker arrived on Tuesday and I was seasoning it on Wednesday (Like a child at Christmas).  Although the Chat room and the Forums helped me with seasoning the smoker I did not find it in the 5 day Ecorse. 

    So my plan is to smoke chicken on my first try, some with Jeff's rub and others I will experiment with.  I am going to keep the heat high so I can get a crispy skin. I think I have everything I need I had to skip a mortgage payment to buy it all [​IMG]  but I am ready. I also have a Log Book to document everything I do and times I guess that's the engineer coming out of me. Well I guess I should stop rambling on but I do what to thank every one for your help.  I will post pictures when I am finished and I requesting feed back good or bad (I have thick skin).


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    Hard to mess up a nekkid chicken. Just a suggestion here, if you didn't last night, you should clean , dry, and set your bird the reefer over night to allow that extra dehydration (around here they call it 'form a pellicle'). That will better insure that crisp skin everyone keeps wanting, even a few hours will help.

    Sounding good so far.

    Here's what I did this week with a basic chicken always best to start with one.
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    Keep us posted on how it's going. WHB
  4. So you suggest doing a whole bird and not breast or thighs and no I do not have the meat yet was going to get it soon.  I don't have a problem doing a whole bird and just use Jeff's rub on it.  I will have plenty of time to brine it.

  5. foamheart

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    I just always suggest  a plain bird first, its ok to do pieces. I am old school, the more its left whole the more juices you get. Every cut allows juices to escape. I wouldn't brine it. Just taste the plain chicken first.

    That first day you got your drivers license were you not happy even if you were driving a VW? Save driving that BMW for another day so you can enjoy the idea of just simply driving on the first day. If you start with a brine, how will you know exactly what difference it made in the flavor?

    Wash it, dry it, let it sit in the reefer an couple a hours or 15 mins. under a fan to dry the skin, then light sprinkle of Jeff's rub would be great, in and out after oiling it down, then just throw it on the smoker and let it work its miracle.

    Next week try brining and see what a difference it will make in your taste.

    Maybe the next week try injecting.

    Maybe then try a different brine

    Maybe then try a different injection

    The combinations are endless! That's is why I suggest a Nekkid bird to start, see what the chicken is all about.
  6. Good point Foamheart I will do that.
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    Besides look at the wonderful excuse you have to keep right on smoking! After chickens is ribs and roasts all building up to the brisket and pulled pork!!! See now you got me getting all excited!
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  8. Just cleaned a 8.5 lb. chicken I was wondering about the extra fat and skin around the openings should you trim them off or leave them?
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    I usually just leave it, sorry got tied up earlier. 8.5 lb., you sure its not a hen?

  10. Just before going into the smoker I did not put it in with the pan I put it on the grates.  Took a little to get the smoker to stabilize at 250 but I think I got it.  Well just put a thermometer through the rubber bushing and the heat is 25 deg. higher. 
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  11. Picture taken two hours of smoking.  After three hours of cooking I checked the meat temp and it is 161 almost ready.  I do have a question the two thermometers I have one says 180 for poultry and the other says 190 why does the USDA and us say it is finished at 165?
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    Well , it's been close to 2.5 hrs. , when do we see Q-View [​IMG]  . [​IMG]  .[​IMG]

  13. Completed, giving it 20 minutes to rest then we eat. I want to thank everyone for your help.
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    That certainly looks good. Juicy? Taste? What about the smoke? enough? Not enough?  Now tell me about an 8.5 lb chicken.... was he the coop yard bully?
  15. Yes very Juicy and Tasted great, Smoke I think was spot on yea it was a big bird but worked out great.  One question I had was around the leg the meat was red near the bone but the Breast was completely white so I know it was cooked all the way unless the bone pulled some of the heat. Now I know you get a little red around the bone but this looked a little too much any thoughts?
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    You can take temps at both thigh and Breast for larger birds although I have generally found that you are right in that if the breast is done, and the it is properly probed, it will be done.

    You may see pink meat while smoking I believe its a result of the connective tissues within the meat. The dark meat is usually where you will see it, and as you said right at the thigh joint. That is also the site of the chickens femoral artery.

    If you die or get sick tonite, sorry 'bout that. But I would guess you'll do fine.

    So next,. going to work to prefect the perfect nekkid chicken or move to a modifier? (BTW you did take and keep notes on that smoke didn't you?) 

    Did I mention how good that leftover chicken is in chicken salad, chicken pot pie, chicken tetrazzini , and my personal favorite...... Gumbo! Course you really have to hide to left overs well to keep any....LOL

    It looks great man, I'd say you can now proudly cook for anybody. Just make them bring more chickens!

    Congrats on your smoke.
  17. Your chicken looks very awesome and it doesn't seem you made any mistakes.  I would recommend that you go by the IT.  I got a remote thermometer as was advised here so I don't have to open the door. I don't remember the temp for chicken.  I have heard that there can be redness in the joints of the legs and the bird will still be done. 

    I know when roasting a chicken we like it what people call over done.  I don't like to see any red.  Comes from when my Mom would cook chicken it was rare.  Before the advent of the Microwave we used to put our pieces on the BBQ or on a pan on the stove to get it done.  Or we just ate the done meat and tossed the rest.  After microwaves there would be a line at the micro....My kids refuse to eat her food and when we visit we go out.  I think I am lucky to be alive!

    Keep up the good work!

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    165 is the safe to eat temp. 180-190 is what most people are used to for eye appeal when looking at the meat. If it appears to be too juicy people think under cooked because they are used to the old methods, same as with pork.
  19. Foamheart: I don't think I had a chicken this tender before (don't tell my mom). After letting it rest and when I cut in to it the juices were flowing and the flavor was great.  The only thing I would like to work on would be the skin it was not crispy.  Yes I documented everything outside and inside temps all the way down to how much wood, when I added it and where I placed it on the coals. The thermometer on the Weber was off compared to my pocket thermometer through the side port, I am going to put the Weber thermometer into a dry-block and check its accuracy.

    Guruatbol: Yes I am going to get a remote unit but I kept my peaking to a minimum not to lose any heat.

    SB59: Thanks for the info
  20. First off good looking chicken. I usually cook my thigh area to 175, you still get a little of the pink but I like the texture better at that point. For crispier skin you should finish the last half hour over 300f, closer to 350 if you can get the WSM up that high(I find it is only possible with brick, and not water in the pan). If you can't get it that high you can always crisp it up in the oven, though you may get some frowns around here for doing so.[​IMG] I find you can get there just fine in the smoker.

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