first time pulled pork

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Smoke Blower
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Sep 6, 2010
howell n.j
I will be attempting my first pull pork in the a.m . I have a 3lb pork shoulder .its has some fat on it should i trim or just leave it. will be rubin it and using cherry chunks. whats a good temp to reach. and suggestions would be great . will be smoking meat ,drinking beer and watching the 500 tomorrow. hope fully enjoying some good eats also.
You can trim the fat if you want to,pork is normally fatty so if there are big hunks of fat i normally trim it off.When i do pork but i smoke at 225-250 for the whole smoke. Take the IT to 165 and foil it up with a good splash of apple juice and take up to a finish temp of 200-205. Then wrap it up good again with foil and then some old towels and put it in a cooler for no less than 1-2 hours.It will still be nice and hot when you pull it out 2 hours later and it should be nice and tender.Sometimes butts will stall on you,if that happens just relax open another beer and wait it out! Good choice on the cherry wood its one of my favorites!! Remember we love qview!! good luck!
Looks like les has you going in the right direction. Look up soflaquers finishing sauce in the wiki. Its really easy & takes your pp to another level
I second the finishing sauce idea as well. I love that finishing sauce. If the butt has big chunks of fat I would trim it a but but if not just leave it alone. Good luck. Make sure you take pictures. Are you going to inject it at all?
Billy48, Les has given you the same directions that I would have, follow what he says and you can't go wrong. Oh yeah, enjoy the race will be watching it here in Virginia!

Looks like your all set Billy, just follow the above advice & we'll be looking for some Qview! Good luck!
thanks for the advice guys .pics will follow as i am not real good getting pics from cam to computer . funny i work on heavy equipment all week and i cant work a camera. LOL!!
The most important part is the good smoke the qview is our bonus for helping you - We look forward to seeing your great results. Follow that thread Craig gave you and you'll be posting in no time  
lookin good.  I am about to attempt my first butt with my MES 40.  I have done them on the weber before.  I can't wait to see your finished product.  Nice work!
had a stall at 142 . waiting patiently. using lump charcoal for first time also . findind temps a little erattic 235-275 range.
Probably to late, but take it to atleast 160º internal, then double wrap in foil after a squirt with apple juice. Temps will rise quickly when foiled.

What is the reasoning for foil beneath the butt?
I foiled it at 155 and gave it a shot of apple juice. temps did rise after that . I dont know why i put foil down . do you think this caused my stall. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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