First Time Making Suasage

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Aug 6, 2012
Bucks County, PA
Santa gave me a sausage maker for Christmas. As you could expect, I was pretty siked, I've been interested in making my own sausage for a while. So the day after Christmas what else would you expect me to do but to try it out. Went to the local store and picked up around 10lbs of ground pork. I was ready to do two batches of sausage. Sweet Italian, and Hot Italian.

The new sausage stuffer.

Sausage mix and pork meat. The sausage stuffer came with casings and some standard spice packs. I divided the meat in half, and added the spice mixture to the meat, and began.

The first sausage I ever made. Sweet Italian.

The whole 10lbs of sausage.

Pulled out the Brinkman offset. Loaded it full of lump charcoal and Hickory.

The sausages about to go on the smoker, good color after 24 hrs in the fridge.

After about 3 hours at 200 degrees.

I flipped the sausage in both directions a little past mid way point. so the coloring isn’t as even as I would have liked, but they look great. Cooked to 165 degrees

Next time I will definitely coil the sausage as I make it. These sticks took up a lot of room in the fridge. I had some air pockets I had to prick, the part i had the most trouble with was closing them off. I had gotten into a good routine as i was finishing, but the first few were a chore.

Thanks for looking.
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i got a pack of casings said it can do 24 lbs

but i would only make 5 to 10 lbs (as its just the boss(wife) and i)and it would take us nearly one month to eat all the things smoked (ham,brisket and turkey

what do you do with rest of casings

can you freeze them in vacuum bag or will it last a month in zip lock bag
G5577, Nice job on the sausage, they look excellent !

Just saw the date ,I assume you've eaten them all by now .
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