First time grilling in new way in pit

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 19, 2014
South Texas
Just started the grill 20 min ago. Grilling chicken quarters. Seasoned them with salt, pepper, brown sugar-equal parts. Put a pot with wood chips on top of the burner on the right side. Covered it with foil. Have the chicken on the left side. It's cooking at 300*. Smoking good!!!

Well darn. The wood keeps flaring up at 300*. I put it to 250* and now it doesn't flare op. Is 250* ok for chicken quarters? Will the skin still get crispy?
ive smoked my chicken quarters at 250 on the smoker and they turned out fabulous. skin wasnt as crispy as high heat but they sure were good.
Next time I'll put less holes in the foil on top of the pot of wood. For this time I'll just cook it at 300* to 325*. Like always. It got some smoke flavor for a little while. Should taste ok.
Hello , Mathman.  Get in touch with AMAZIG Products ... Todds little AMNPS is worth the co$t , and you won't have the flare-ups anymore.
Well. It tasted horrible. Cooked it too long. Was very tough. Skin was not crispy. Seasoning was too much. Absolutely the worst chicken I've ever made. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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