First time Deer Summer Sausage. Got a Few questions?

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Smoke Blower
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Jan 3, 2012
Jacksonville, Iowa
Hey Guys.  Im make a lot of just beef summer sausage so I do have my method and seasoning pretty good.  But this will be the first that I have used deer to make summer sausage with.  I have done a little reading and have found that some people use 100 percent deer meat to make summer sausage out of.  Also,  I have read that mixing it 80/20 with ground pork or ground beef.  I have also read that some people just mix like 4 pounds of deer meat with a pure pound of just pork fat? 

My question is for the guys that have made deer summer sausage, what percent of mix and mixed with what has turned out the best?  As of now, I was leaning toward doing 8 pounds of deer with 2 pounds of ground pork.  Any and all info is much appreciated.  Thanks guys.
HC32........morning. Although I follow my recipe of seasonings pretty close, I do let my mix of meat vary a bit.....80/20 to 70/30 (venison and pork) mainly due to how much venison I have to work with. I find very little difference in the two when finished.

I did a 50/50 blend (high in fat) for my neighbor a couple of months ago. Taste was good but the sausage was greasy IMHO........but that is how he likes it.

I like to do mine 4 pounds deer to 1 bacon. mmmmm....I have made it most of the time though with pork butt and a few times with beef fat. It is all relative to how moist you like it. High mountain seasonings has a pretty good kit to start you out. comes with everything but the meat. I think I recall they recomend 20% fat to meat. Scratch that last part as I read your post again. I think you have a good plan there. I really like the bacon for my fat, the last couple batches that is what I have done with ground ends and pieces and it was just a little better than the pure ground butt in my opinion.
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As of now, I was leaning toward doing 8 pounds of deer with 2 pounds of ground pork.

Did you add any fat to the venison when you ground it up or pure venison if pure venison then add pork, if not try small 2lb batches

I think  you answered your own question if pure venison IMHO - That is the great thing about this is learning from your other cooks, just remember to write it down and write down the results so you know what to go by on the next batch,

good luck and let us know

a full smoker is a happy smoker even if they are 2lb batches
the first time I made deer cheddar venison sausage was a few weeks ago and I used 1/3 pork 2/3 deer. It was good but not what I wanted. To me it was a bit on the edge a bit drier than I wanted it. So today I'm doing pork fat I got from a meat processing place $.50 a lb! there is a place called Webbs nearby where we live we really like their summer sausage and I hear a rumor that they use pork fat. I added a few more spices and cheese than the first time and with the added pork fat I am eager to see how it turns out. I will know by tomorrow afternoon and share. My ratio of pork was 20% and deer 80% is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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