first time baby back pork ribs... Best ribs my friends ever had!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokinsuds, Apr 29, 2015.

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    So first I gotta give a shout out to whoever posted the screenshot i took of my basic idea for starting this... so if you recognize the thread, give yourself an atta boy!
    I had to alter cooking times slightly due to my setup. I got a good deal on some nice meaty baby backs for 3.05/lb so i ended up with 6 racks lol. Cleaned em up and lathered em with brown sugar, spices and a couple styles of rub, wrapped em in clear wrap and let them set in the fridge overnight.
    They looked so good, my mouth was already watering so i went out n got the smoker prepped.
    Now my issue i have with my smoker is that if i want a nice heavy smoke, i have to run just one burner with chips in a cast iron pan. If i try running the second burner, i have a problem pushing too much draft through. So for 3 hours i added mesquite n alder and cooked at around 165-175°F.
    at this time i dropped them in 2 aluminum trays with pretty much the same recipe of juice mix the above screenshot had, adding apple juice, a little worshtershire sauce (spelling) and maple syrup. i cranked the temp up to 260-270 and covered... let them cook in the smoker for about 2.5 hours. Got busy giving the kids tractor rides and lost track of time as i was shooting for 2 hours but when i opened up the packages, they were lookin good so i pulled em, put back on the racks, dropped temp back down to 175, and lathered 2 with stubbs spicy bbq sauce, 1 bith stubbs original and left 1 plain.
    Again i got caught up with the kids and the beer was starting to work so they sat cooking for about 45 minutes, but again everything must happen for a reason because they were perrrrfect!
    You could pick a whole rack up without it falling apart, but the meat just slid right off the bone...
    Here are a couple pics of the whole meal minus the bbqd corn on the cob and asparagus because i guess the women were too busy gabbing to remember to put them on... love you sweety! Lol
    We ended an awesome night with a bonfire n cocktails
    I had just enough leftovers to make a nice little lunch for work the next day. Definately my new rib go to recipe!
    Hope you all enjoyed the pics!
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  2. welshrarebit

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    The food looks great! But that smoker is SICK!!!!

    I'm so jealous...
  3. smokinsuds

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    Haha thanks man. Yeah the smoker build kinda got away from me. I built it in my garage so i had to engineer a detachable roof to get it in and out and decided to box it in so its usable without the pitched roof as well In case i have it stored in the garage and wanna do a quick smoke. (Takes 2 grown ass men to get that lid on) and of course casters for easy transport. Thought about doing production on a couple 3 or 4 of these a year and selling them now that i know all obstacles in the build. Came out nicer than originally anticipated. This one took me about 2 months to build and engineer along the way.
  4. welshrarebit

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    I think you should visit Hawaii for a couple of weeks and build me one! ;)
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  5. twoalpha

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    Your smoker is awesome as well as the food. [​IMG]

    Nice Post.
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  6. sota d

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    Great looking smoke! Delicious food and everyone had a great day, can't get better than that! Thanks for posting, David.
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  7. c farmer

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    Food looks great but that smoker.    [​IMG]
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  8. noboundaries

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    That smoker is BEYOND impressive.  Wow.
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  9. bountyhunter

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    Please tell us more about that smoker. Food looks great by the way

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  10. mummel

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    Sick!!!!!  Man look at all that nice open green space.
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  11. smokinsuds

    smokinsuds Fire Starter

    Bountyhunter, what you wanna know?
  12. smokinsuds

    smokinsuds Fire Starter

    Yeah that green space takes up alot of my free time...
    Off the subject, but ain't smokin' partly based on livin' off that land?
  13. Fine looking smoker and ribs.

    Happy smoken.

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  14. seenred

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    Ribs look delicious...and love your smoker! Thumbs Up

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  15. bountyhunter

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    It looks like it is propane fired. How is the firebox built so that the whole thing doesn't burn down

  16. timtimmay

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    AWESOME smoker! Pics of the burning chamber?
  17. smokinsuds

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    I jus have an old piece of aluminum cut to fit for a catch pan... dual burner propane with a drip plate just below the racks to keep any drippage off the burners. It's cut back about 4 inches off all inside walls to allow the heat to raise without directly roasting the walls. I was a little skeptical at first but I've had this sucker up to almost 400°. The cedar siding started bowing a bit and was hot to the touch on the outside where it passes by that plate, but no smoke and no flames. I think the key there is having milled tight knot cedar. Has a higher ignition temp
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  18. smokinsuds

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    No burnt wood, just juicing stains for added flavor lol
  19. smokinsuds

    smokinsuds Fire Starter

    Kind of hard to show the drip plate but I think you can get an idea... 
  20. b-one

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    Nice looking food, amazing looking smoker!Thumbs Up

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