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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by gary morris, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Hello Everyone, Gary from Birmingham, UK

    I am going to do some cold smoking namely Bacon, Brisket and some Chicken to start with, but I'm a complete newb.  I have a background in catering, so I have some knowledge regarding food safety and due diligence.

    This is my first real post and I'd like to ask your opinions on this please.

    I'll be building my own cold smoker and this is how I see it.

    I would make the Smoke Generator from a cleaned out paint tin with the lid having the copper pipe, with a T piece (with a thinner diameter copper pipe inside - one end just past centre and the other end protruding out connected to a air pump)  

    Connected to the 'smoke outlet pipe would be a 'snake' of pipe, possibly 10 feet long.  This is where I have my first concern, I've read that the smoke needs to be as cool as possible (hence 10 ft pipe) so as it doesn't raise the temperature in the smoker, but I've also learnt that the smoke condenses on surfaces that are cooler and having 10 feet of pipe would any smoke get through or would I need more generated smoke?

    The outlet pipe would go into a 120 ltr food grade plastic barrel with an airtight lid.  I would need an exhaust for the smoke and racks which would be easily fitted.

    Do you think this is a proper working set up for cold smoking only?

    Are there any glaring errors? 

    Thanks for reading, sorry about the picture's orientation and the length of thread. I'm really excited about the build and trying it out for the first time, I dream't about pancakes, maple syrup and home smoked bacon last night.

  2. Welcome Gary.

    I would just go with a AMNPS and be done with it. It takes no electric and no hot plate.

    Yes home cured and smoked Bacon beat store bought any day.

    Happt smoken.

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  3. Thanks David, I may well go with the AMNPS it looks easier and cheaper, thanks


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