First Spare Ribs and Large Pork Butt

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Oct 26, 2010
Marshall, MO
Yummy, I LOVE spare ribs. This will be my first attempt! I will also be smoking my first full size "bone in" pork butt.

Today I'll be using "Jeffs" rub again, not only because I love the stuff, but it's what I had ingredients on hand for.
I rubbed the ribs and butt last night and let sit in the refrigerator overnight.
I got up at 6:00 am to get the fire going. Temp outside is about 20 deg. and a light wind so keeping the temp. level shouldn't be too difficult.
Here are some pictures to get things started:



This butt weighs about 11 lbs. I got it for $1.65 lb. at wallmart and the ribs I got at Jennings meat in New Franklin MO. I love that place, the prices are right, good advice, and a nice family owned business.

I'll update in a while.


 I didn't put them back on for the hour out of the foil, they were plenty done as you see the bone fell right out when I tried to move it around.


I had to sample them. I ate that whole rack!!
Awesome looking ribs.  Just for info purposes, that last hour out of the foil is to firm the meat up a bit.  Some people think the texture is too soft after it's been steaming in the foil for 2 hours.  That last uncovered hour firms the meat back up and gives you a little bark action.  It's not necessary (as you found out), but can be nice.  Oh, by the way, that's a sharp looking UDS.
Thanks for the compliments.  I was going to do the 3-2-1 thing with them, but it was more like 2 1/2-2 1/2 and they were pretty done.  I am certain that my thermostat on the UDS is reading low.  The last few smokes went a lot faster than I had planned.  Next time with the ribs, I'm going to cool it down so it smokes slower, then I'll do the last hour out of the foil, I like a little more bark too.
Sample = Rack!  LMAO  That's what I'm talking about! haha  

Nice looking ribs...that 11 pound butt should take you a while!  

My UDS thermo which is a 2" runs about 30° to 40° lower since it's not out there over the coal basket.  I still run a probe on the grate to keep a more accurate track on drum temp over the coals.  Gotta love a drum!
Now I know why Jeff said to "enjoy pulling the bone out".

Mmmm that pork butt turned out great, it came right apart with little effort.

The wife didn't want the ribs, but she went back for seconds on the pulled pork, that's a good compliment to me because she doesn't even care for pork :)

No more pictures, I tore it up before I remembered to grab my phone...........sweet.
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