First snack sticks...

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by centex99, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. centex99

    centex99 Fire Starter

    So decided to give them a try...
    Used the basic recipe on this post...
    Purchased ground chuck, unfortunately not on sale, and got everything mixed up...
    Things I changed...
    Used 2/3 or so of anice and fennel seeds and didn't use any liquid smoke...

    Here's a pic of it mixed (small portion as most was in stuffer already)...

    And here's a pic once stuffed...

    Into the fridge overnight and will be smoked slowly in the morning... Likely an hour without smoke, then 4 at 130, and bump it up 10 per hour till it of 152...
    Any recommendations on smoke?
    Any changes I should make to smoke plan?

    More pictures to come tomorrow.
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  2. c farmer

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  3. centex99

    centex99 Fire Starter

    Into the smoker to hang and dry out for an hour or so at 110 before adding the smoke...
  4. tropics

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    I like the way you tied them to the grating LOL had to do the same thing the other day, couldn't find my dowel rods.I'll be watching
  5. centex99

    centex99 Fire Starter

    What's the benefit of dowels over tying or using hooks on the grate? The only thing I could see is if you rig the dowels up much higher...
  6. centex99

    centex99 Fire Starter

    Bumped it up to 120 and added a combination of PMC and Apple to the AMPNS... How long to smoke...
    I'm thinking 4 hours and then I'll bump temp up 10 per hour....
    Any thoughts on that?
  7. When I smoked cured sausages (regular size) it's usually 6-8 hours with the PMC pellets in the AMNPS. Never made snack sticks, but I'd say 6-8 should turn out nice. I guess the benefits of the dowel would be easy of use? I imagine tying each one onto the grates was a little cumbersome? 
  8. driedstick

    driedstick Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Looks great so far, I fill up my amps full and let her go till done,,,, alot of times the snack stick will be done and it is still smoking.

    The dowels you can just "flop" the snack sticks over without tying or you could hang if you wanted to. I like to flop them over cause when I vac pac i cut those ends off and save them for me snacking while vac packing. 

    Good luck and I bet it will be YUMMY!!!

    A full smoker is a happy smoker.

  9. centex99

    centex99 Fire Starter

    So... About five hours of smoke... One row of AMPS down, one row to go... Sneak peak...

  10. It looks good. But keep the door closed or you will get [​IMG].

    Happy smoken.

  11. centex99

    centex99 Fire Starter

    Ok, send me to the penalty box again... I keep opening it up... but I just enjoy getting engulfed in awesome smoke and seeing the progress...

    Bumped the temp up to 155... going to let it keep going until the smoke stops... (only filled two rows)  Maybe I'll try to not open it between now and then...
  12. centex99

    centex99 Fire Starter

    Ugh, only up to about 137... bumped the temp up to 175... need to go to bed sometime soon... Guess I should of bumped the temp up earlier in the afternoon... smoke is all done though and they look quite tasty...
  13. driedstick

    driedstick Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Well how did they turn out?? Your killing us here LOL 

  14. centex99

    centex99 Fire Starter

    Ended up letting them stay in smoker at 170ish overnight... Finally after bumping it up to180 got them to 152 and a decent dried out state, so let them cool, no paper bag step, cut them and vacuumed them up...
    And to the pictures..
    All the sticks...

    One cut in half...

    Packaged up...
  15. Holy cow do those look good. Did you use collagen casings or sheep casings? How was the texture? Were they dry or no?
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  16. centex99

    centex99 Fire Starter

    Used 19mm collagen casings (smallest I could find locally).  They were somewhat dry (likely from the super long cook time) but not overly dry.  They have a nice smoke flavor and snap/bite to them from the casings...
  17. Excellent. Thanks for the review. I've been wanting to give some snack sticks a try, so I really think I might pick up a small pack of those casings and go at it.
  18. driedstick

    driedstick Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Them sure look yummy, very nice smoke, keep up the great work

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

  19. centex99

    centex99 Fire Starter

    Some of the casings aren't super attached to the sticks and my wife seems to prefer them without the casings which somewhat easily pull off...  Without the casings they lose the snap to the bite, but are still good nonetheless...  Thanks for the positive feedback!  Maybe I should post some pictures of my briskets... they're well... just say dayum good! :)
  20. centex99

    centex99 Fire Starter

    So, I've had compliments from them... and my only complain is... after cutting them up and vacuum sealing them, they've gotten greasy in the packages.  They didn't feel greasy/etc before sealing them.  They were only room temp when I sealed them though... is it best to refrigerate before sealing or has anyone had this happen?  Not the worst thing in the world as I can wipe them off before eating, but just wondering...

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