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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by meridianman, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. I prepped and smoked my first turkey today. 15lb bird, brined in slaughterhouse poultry brine for about 24 hours, spatchcocked and dried overnight in the fridge, coated with rosemary butter and just a couple tablespoons of my typical rub. Smoke took 6:15 on a lump charcoal offset smoker with hickory and cherry, to get the breasts to 162, rested for 25min and then carved.

    A little disappointed in how it turned out. Crispy skin and very tender and juicy meat, but I was surprised at how little smoke flavor and brine flavor the turkey took in. I mean it was good, but not great. For that much work I'd much rather do pork anything. Any thoughts on how I could have improved?

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    Several thoughts come to mind about getting more brine flavor into the meat.

    My personal favorite: injection with the brine, then brine. Only inject the breast. Time consuming but works great.

    Next favorite; Polk the breast with the injection needle then brine.

    Least favorite but works; brine for 2-3 days. Ensure temp stays well under 40F the entire time.
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  3. Thanks for the thoughts. I originally was planning to do a 3 day brine, but then I saw an overwhelming amount of posts sounding like that would be too salty. I did think it was more flavorful day 2, though that could have just been me :) Next time I will try a longer brine and perhaps the injection

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