First Smoked Ribs!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jsk53, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Recently I got Jeff’s email about his version of Johnny Trigg’s ribs using a modified 3-2-1 method and Jeff’s rub with a twist. Being new to smoking meat, I decided the time was right to try my first rack of ribs using my fairly new and once used MES 30.  Our Thanksgiving smoked turkey was my first effort (again using Jeff’s process) and we were very pleased at the result so here I go.

    As there are only two of us, I went with one slab of St. Louis style ribs, which just happened to be on special at the supermarket.

    Following the recipe, I cut the slab into two sections, coated the ribs with yellow mustard and covered with Jeff’s rub on both sides, letting them then sit for about 10-15 minutes.

    Then, with the smoker ready to go, I mixed Alder and Oak pellets,  filled my new AMNPS and following the directions, got the pellets lit and burning well. Into the smoker went the ribs!

    A couple notes here. After about 10 minutes, the AMNPS went out and I had to relight it. While doing that, I put some Alder and Pecan chips in the MES tray and dropped them in. This turned out to be a good thing as I had trouble keeping the AMNPS going throughout the 3 hour smoke. After the 3 hours, out they came and into the foil with the brown sugar/Jeff’s rub/butter mixture.

    After the next 2 hour cooking time, the ribs came out and were rescued from the foil. I must admit, they looked and smelled great! I also reserved the ample amount of juice from both packets as Jeff recommended.

    During the final hour, I added a bit  more smoke although I don’t know if at that point in the cooking it made much difference but I had a lot of pellets unburned in the AMNPS anyway. I also based the ribs a couple times with the reserved juices which I think really added a sweetness to the finished ribs. Then, the moment of truth. The internal temp was right on at the end of the 1 hour so they came out to rest for a few minutes.

    While I didn’t get the smoke ring I was hoping for, the ribs were fall off the bone perfect and the flavor was really, really good!

    Over the 6 hours of cooking, I did see a fluxuation in temp inside the smoker. While I knew that the MES internal thermometer was about 15 degrees low compared to my Maverick ET732, the temp seemed to vary +/- about 10 degrees from the 225 degree setting. Seems the internal thermometer lets the smoker drop about 10 degrees before turning on and waits to about 10 degrees high to shut off. Might be I just need to get more experience so on to my next one.
  2. Hello.  Looks great from here.  Seems Jeff really knows his stuff; who'd have thought??  [​IMG]   Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  3. I also used the 321 method for the first time yesterday. After the 2 the ribs were at 190 degrees with the therma pen and looked and smelled awesome. The last hour killed them and my hopes for making nice looking tasty ribs for the first time. I kill them every single time. Ugh! Any suggestions? Temp using maverick 733 was a constant 230.
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    Looks great! Jeff knows his stuff...used his recipe for pulled chicken the other day and it was incredible. Your pics are making me want to smoke some ribs, haven't done them in a while.
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    From what I have read on here and the handful of rib cooks I have done (only been smoking since October), the 3-2-1 and internal temp can't be a hard and fast rule because of so many factors (not getting an accurate IT, size and shape of ribs, smoker temp, etc.). The bend test seems to do the trick. You pick up a rack with tongs and it bends and cracks open. You could also try to pull apart the ribs and they should come apart with little effort, especially if you have foiled them for part of the cooking. Hope this helps!
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    Hi Tony,

    I went strictly by the timing and as I wasn't worried about the internal temp until the 6th hour was complete, it seemed to work just about right. I think my IT was around 180 when I pulled them after 6 hours. I did have a fluctuation in the smoker temp while it averaged about 225 degrees, it would bounce between 200 and 240. Haven't figured that out yet.
  7. Thanks bud.
  8. Looked very good to me!
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    Nice , I love my Ribs .

    And do them every chance Trish lets me splurge . [​IMG]

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