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  1. Well, I have kicked off my first smoke with my MES 40 unit.  I am using the AMAZN smoker with Hickory and a little Cherry pellets.  Just threw it in the smoker after injecting and putting my rub all over this beauty.  Its been sitting for about 10 hours after injecting and now, let's see how it goes.  I am attaching a few pics to kick it off and will post pictures over the cook.  FINGERS CROSSED!! 

    The top pic is after I trimmed the brisket up, the 2nd one is of the outside shot of my unit and the 3rd one is with the brisket actually on the grate in the smoker!

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    How big is the brisket and how's it going?
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    Wondering minds want to know. .. hows the brisket going? Should be done by now... ;)
  4. The brisket started off about 14lbs. After trimming the fat, I may have gotten a little too aggressive and removed too much fat as there is almost no juice in drip pan. I have whipped up some beef broth with a few other ingredients and used that to mop over the top to help keep it moist. I think the brisket ended up being around 12.5 lbs after trimming it.

    Waking up and checking the temp after going for 9hrs on the smoker and it's only at around 140. I am keeping an eye on it but hope it breaks through and starts raising up soon.
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    Thanks for the update... keep them coming. Haven't done one yet, so learning from you. ;)
  6. Temp is still running around 140. Thinking it's hit the stall.frustrating but expected!!!! Went ahead and put my chickens on. Here's a few pics. At least the brisket is looking good.

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  7. For all of you smokers out there that have not done a lot of meat in your smoker take this advice........  Have MULTIPLE temperature gauges in your MES unit to validate the true temperature.  I set mine at 225 initially so it could smoke for a number of hours and went to be.  After waking up to a low temperature brisket, even though the MES probe said the unit temp was around 225 it was really more like 190.  After being a little frustrated I was going to bump up the temperature even though I know everyone says don't do it as if it had hit the infamous plateau.  Instead, I paused, grabbed some additional thermometers made for grills, placed one in the top and one towards the bottom. Low and behold, that was when I realized my temperature was WAY too low. I immediately bumped the MES up to its max of 275 and finally, the top and bottom thermometers both came up to around the 225 mark, of course, they are within about 8 degrees of each other knowing the bottom one was reading hotter as it was closer to the heat. 

    What stinks is that I did a test run with the smoker last week using the MES prob to take the temperature along with another separate thermometer, and they were pretty close to the right temp, but what I didn't do is test with MEAT in there.   SIDE NOTE:  It is raining today so the outside temp has dropped and instead of being in the low 90's, its more around high 70's.  I am sure that didn't help.

    SO, before you get super frustrated on one of your first smokes, just spend a few extra bucks on a couple of thermometers to know the true temp inside your MES.  It will save you some major frustration.

    Thank god I started this brisket 3 hours plus earlier than I wanted.  I figured at worst case, it finishes early and gets a lot of rest.  Now, I will be pressing to meat the time when everyone is coming over and my poor brisket may only get about 30-45 mins rest tops! 

    Sorry for the long post but I figured others can learn from my rookie mistakes  ---- Thermometer, Thermometer, Thermometer -------   [​IMG]

  8. Well, my end result was that I ended up with some amazing burnt ends but my brisket flat was a little tough.  It had awesome flavor but just not juicy enough.   Everyone said they loved it but I think they were just being nice.   Its obvious that not only should it have had another hour or so on the smoker to loosen the meat up some but I cut off way too much fat. 

    Does anyone else have any tips on how much fat to trim off or not to trim at all.  I was trying to avoid a super fatty brisket or one where the rub/smoke didn't penetrate but if it causes it to dry out like it did, I will be leaving the fat on next time.  I will post the final pictures soon. 
  9. Ok. Here are a final few pictures.  Lots to learn and looking forward to my check swing of the bat!  I think I will make the mailbox modification first so I don't have to worry about the smoke situation at all.  Thanks for all the help from you guys.  The burnt ends turned out great in my opinion and I was VERY happy with that.

  10. What IT did you take it to & was your meat probe accurate? You can check it in boiling water & ice water to verify. I use a Maverick ET 732 to monitor temps - my MES was way off. If your probe was off a little you may have taken the brisket out of the smoker a little early before it had the chance to get all the connective tissue broken down to be tender & juicy.

    As far as the fat goes I don't lean trim - I leave at least 1/4" or more on mine.
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  11. Can't believe I never responded to your note Smoking B.  My apologies.  I internal temp said 190.  Based on my own advice higher the post, I now also have the Maverick thermometer which I use for the inside temp and the meat prob.  So basically I have 3 different temperatures now.  I didn't have the maverick when I did my first brisket but I have learned since then and done some pork butts and ribs and such.  Much better results.  The good news is that I get my second crack at this brisket and will be cooking it this weekend.  I won't make the same mistakes twice and definitely won't be trimming all that fat off like I did before.  Wish me luck

  12. Good luck man!  [​IMG]   I always use the toothpick test to judge when my briskets are done - each one is different & I've had them done at a wide range of ITs. Hope it turns out great for you  [​IMG]
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    ^^^^^^    +87    .    The Mav is a great tool to let you know what chamber temp you are cooking at and to get an idea of what temp your meat is, but DON'T use that temp to determine when meats are done.    Use a toothpick or the Mav probe to poke the meat to see if it's ready.    Probe should go in like a knife through butter.    For briskets, probe the thickest part of the flat.  For butts, stick it in a bunch of places.

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