first smoke on the mes 30

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  1. so im doing my first smokw in my new mes 30, and im smoking a chuck roast that i coated with lea&perrins bold steak sauce and a rub i made. I pre heated my smoke at 7 am, to 240, and used hickory wood chips, smoked till i got an it of 165, now i just double wraped it in foil, im wanting to pull the chuck at what temp should i take it out and let it rest? Qview to come when chuck is done.
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    Sorry I and everyone else missed this post from 3 days ago. Don't give up on us---It doesn't happen often!!

  3. I'd say it's probably done now.

    So, how'd it turn out - what temp did you pull it out at?
  4. Sorry it took me so long to up load the q view guys, but I pulled the chuck at 195 and it turned out great good smoke flavor and tender as hell.
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    Looks like a real nice first smoke!!![​IMG]

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    Looks great, be proud of that for sure ! Thumbs Up
  7. Thanks bear I actually got the idea from your one post lol, so thank you for the good step by step instructions Thumbs Up
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    That's Great---Glad I could help a Northern Neighbor.[​IMG]

    I got some Coal Cracker Buddies from way back.[​IMG]

  9. Thanks waterinhole I was very happy how it turned out
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    Wow how'd we all miss this?

    Sorry Lunchbox, really we weren't ignoring you. You know Bear is good when he doesn't even need to be here to help people! Wait till you try his other stuff, his Prime rib roast......... to die for! And that double smoked Easter ham........ I can smell the smoke coming from his pit when he fires that baby up. And that is a house or two up from me.....LOL

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