First smoke of the year, Cuban style pork

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  1. Well time for my first smoke of the year I am doing a pork shoulder (I believe it's a shoulder I forgot now). As you can see from the photos this is probably the last run for my smoker, last year it literally did hundreds of pounds of pork & chicken for our dealership feeding a bunch of hungry employees/customers. I have not decided on its replacement yet! For the shoulder I marinated it for a couple days in Mojo marinade with fresh oregano, lime juice, lemon juice, chopped onion and choped garlic. It should be a tasty dinner! :grilling_smilie:

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    So far so good! I was thinking of doing this for my next shoulder. What wood are you using for smoke?
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    This reminds me of Puerco Pilbil. I have done that before and it was pretty awesome. Hard to find banana leaves where I live now so I don't know when I will do that again. 
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  5. Almost as important as the meat itself is the cigar, drink and music selection!

    For the cigars I'm starting with the Ashton, then the Liga No. 9 for the back half and the LFD for the after dinner smoke to compliment the spice:

    For my drink it will be my go too G&T made with Hendricks gin:

    The station for music:

  6. In action, poor old thing:

    The fire box handle fell off:

    Got a little hot on the bottom so I flipped it and move it down further from the fire:

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    I can almost smell it form here!

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