FIRST smoke EVER....2 5lb pork shoulders....NBBD Oklahoma Joe....smoked 2.5hrs slow cooked 12.5hrs

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Original poster
Apr 22, 2014
FIRST smoke EVER, decided to go with 2 5lb pork shoulders on my NEW but old NBBD with original Oklahoma Joe serial plate....smoked 2.5hrs slow cooked 12.5hrs.  at 205 degrees. foil wrapped for last 1 to 2hrs (was middle of night kinda forgot when i wrapped it) then put to rest.....In future if i Will start earier (i started at 11.30am and didnt finish til almost 1am) one rubbed in famous daves and one in mckormic grill mates....meat turned out GREAT but in future will leave time to rest and pull pork at that time..


Cut after cooled in the fridge, decent pink ring for my first try. I used misquete charcoal and oak wood chunk... I didn't want to over smoke. Had plenty of smoke flavor...but NOT enough flavor from the rubs.

OH YEA i also sprits with apple cider every 2 to 3 hrs. GREAT flavor of smoke and pork but NOT enough flavor of the RUB. I think I was afrade to put too much. or needed to prerub with oil ?

yea didn't think would take so long and by the time I was don't it was 1am and im stay at home dad with 3yr old twins so I put into fridge and was cold. my kids (and wife &I) ate cubed and cold with beans and potatoes, also I scliced and warmed on cast iron skillet then loaded with bbq for a sandwitch. In future I will start early like 5am so I have time to fully rest in cooler and pull that night. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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