First Salmon a success

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  1. I would have to mention to many people to say thanks to all of the threads I read about smoking salmon so thank you to the members of the Smoking Meat Forums. I read a ton and watched just as many vids what I wasn't ready for was the price ranges of the salmon. It was from 3.99 10 12.99 wow I opted for the 3.99 and it still came out of the butchers case, I could see a noticeable color difference.    I used the basic 4 to 1 and it worked just as I had read and seen in vids, I did have to flip it and mix the concoction a few times, but it turned a beautiful color stiffened up and then got the lil film on it, I was a lil worried about that part for some reason, no reason to be though. I didnt have a silicone mat to put it on so I plopped em strait on the grates and got my alder chips to smoking, 2 hrs later I forget the temp but keeping my new Masterbuilt Pro 2 door smoker at such a low temp was fun glad I had played with it half a dozen times before, first run with the Ivation dual probe, wireless thermometer it is worth its weight 3 times in gold it allowed me to watch the temp with confidence. I believe my finishing temp was 150, my daughter and I tried it with some hesitation but it was wonderful. That was xmas eve. I played with the new thermometer and figured out how to do more then just watch the temps with it. Following day was Christmas I made a salmon dip that was good but the family went strait for the salmon with a splash of teriyaki. I will get pics on the next smoke but I have another story about my standing rib roast, ill just say xmas dinner was delicius.  
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    Congrats on a successful salmon smoke, but next time.......we needs pics, otherwise [​IMG]

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