First Post, First Chuckie Request

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Original poster
Mar 22, 2011
Athens, AL
Hello all, I have been reading the forums for a few weeks but this is my first post. I'm doing my first attempt on a 3# chuckie this Thursday. Since I'm rather new on the topic I was wondering if I could get a few basic tips from you guys. Marinade/Rub basics, smoke temp ect. Thank you for any information and input in advance.
Thank you for the advice, I actually found a thread where you posted to use a drip pan with broth. I'm and going to try this, a dipping sauce from the drippings sound amazing.
Not sure which thread you saw but I also use Johnnies Au Jus concentrate after I defat the broth to add a little more depth.  Good luck with your smoke and don't forget the qview
I usually rub chuckies with Plowboys Boine Bold or Simply Marvelous Cherry. Sometimes I make my own rub.

Throw it on the cooker @ 230* till the temp reaches 200ish AND the chuckie is probe tender. Then I foil it, wrap it in a towel and put it in a dry cooler to rest for at least an hour.


After that the sky is the limit -

pulled beef sandwiches


chuckie tacos


Have fun!!


  Thanks for the delicious pics Ellymae!
Well guys, the results are in and I am pleased overall for my first time.

Shredded it and turned it into....


Thanks for looking... and all the help. I did notice it was incredibly hard to keep my smoker (Chargriller Smokin Pro) up to 225 degrees. I have done some sealing to the SFB. Maybe I am just underestimating the amount of coal (lump) I need to use... Any thoughts? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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