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First Overnight Smoke on SV 24"


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Hey all,

I think I'm about to try my first overnight smoke on my SV 24". I'm going to drop a 5# butt on there in hopes of having it for lunch the next day. I've been reading a little bit on here about others' experiences but thought I'd reach out to make sure my specific needs are answered by the experts.

1) How long do you think I need to provide smoke? I know some people don't like to supply smoke the whole time or like to foil and cut out smoke, but I usually just keep the smoke going (albeit I let it dwindle a little at the end) and don't foil. My plan is to start it early enough to get it smoked before going to bed and listening for the thermometer alarms to wake me in the event of a temp fluctuation or it getting done.

2) I can only get about 30min - 1 hour of smoke out of my SV before needing to add more wood. How can I prolong this to get more smoke after I go to sleep? Charcoal? How does that work, exactly?

3) How long is it safe to keep wrapped in a cooler; a couple hours? I don't anticipate it getting done super early as mine never do but just in case.

Any other tips or tricks?



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I just fired my SV24 up with 8 butts. I run smoke most of the time. Persoanally, I like staying up,and just dozing in a chair all night. On long cooks I'll usually set a timer for every 90 minutes or so and add chips. When I want to not do that I use my amazen tray with pellets. I've had good results with running chips for a couple hours then letting the pellets run through the night (lighter smoke). Then the only time you have to fuss with it is if the temp gets outta whack.

As for the cooler, if you wrap in foil and a towel it will hold a long time. I've also wrapped in foil and put it in a roaster on low. That's usually what we end up pulling it into to serve anyway.

Have a great smoke!

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