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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by golfpro2301, Aug 24, 2014.

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    So I competed in my first KCBS competition this past weekend and I must say I am a bit disappointed. I cooked some of the best food I have done and the results didnt show for it besides pork. I didnt understand why until I started looking closely at the judges sheets and this is what I found

    For each category 3 out of the top 10 were judged by the same table. I was judged by this table in Pork and got 8th

    out of two other tables there was only 5 teams that finished better than 20th in each category. Most were in the bottom half of the field. I got stuck with these two tables on Ribs and Brisket. I cooked a Wagyu brisket that was super moist and had good burnt ends. The team next to me tried it and they were very impressed. Said it was a lot better than theirs and they didnt even do burnt ends. They were judged by the top table and I was the bottom. They finished middle of field I placed at bottom. Same thing happened with ribs.

    Does anyone else think that it has a lot to do with luck of the draw on tables. Because this contest looked like that was the case. I know I wasnt going to towards the top but I felts like I was middle of the pack.
  2. Like anything that is being judged.......they can be Cliquey.   Maybe it's cause I'm a city boy.....and don't own nor want to open a restaurant but I just don't get Contests like this.  Seems like a good way to spend money for no reward.  Id rather cook for my friends and family.  Just sayin [​IMG]

    But I do stand behind my statement about the Cliques.  I can imagine that the people that won are in every competition and are know on the circuit.

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    I totally agree with Padronman . Everyone that taste my "Cue" is very pleased . I'm a poor boy and can't afford the co$t of Cook-offs .[​IMG]

    My Ribs are as good or better than any BBQ Joint  I have been fool enough to go into when it only takes a bit of time to get 10 times what you pay for your meal. And fresh too [​IMG].

    Oh, and there's a yearly fee to just belong (I think).[​IMG]

    My contest are  Me versus the cook I'm doing . [​IMG]

    Have fun and . . .
  4. I got to agree with this. Although love watching shows like BBQ Pitmasters and someday would like to try a contest, there's no better reward than having your family and friends truly enjoying your food.
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    yea.. I did one (KCBS) in Tn last month... I wasn't expecting anything... so I wasn't disappointed ... I for one didn't care for the idea of multiple tables of judges... BUT.... what can be done about it when there are so many teams ?? There were 50 pro teams and 21 backyarders... Certainly you can't expect a table of six judges to eat all that food from 71 teams... I had a blast but it's not for me... I think I will just stick to the smaller comps to where it is just ONE six judge table... I'm not looking to get rich.. it's just a hobby ...

    As for being the same teams and everybody knows everybody... this is certainly true.. while there are a few 1st timers (as I was for a KCBS sanctioned event)... It's just like any other kind of weekend sport... You follow the series around ...
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    Like my signature says "I'm not competing, just eating."  There's a reason.  Although I'm very competitive I have absolutely no desire to compete in a subjectively judged contest of any kind.  Subjective judging by its nature introduces too many variables into the outcome equation, even with guidelines.  I respect those who do judge and trust implicitly that they are doing their absolute best to be fair, impartial, and consistent, but that can mean one thing to judging Table 6 and another to Table 12.  Heck, even being a tad under the weather or stressed can impact someone's ability to taste consistently. 

    Then there's the folks who are Supertasters (25% of the population), non-tasters (25% of the population), and medium tasters (the rest of the population).  My wife is a Supertaster and I'm a medium taster.  If we were judges we'd have two very different score sheets of the same piece of meat.  Is tasting nature even part of the qualification for judges?  Probably not.    

    Instead of competing, I choose the judgment of my own taste buds and those of my family.  I know how to smoke/cook to our preferences.  I have enough frustrations in the rest of life's challenges so I do my best to avoid them in things I love to do, like smoking and cooking.

    I love watching the BBQ competitions on TV for ideas I can incorporate at home, not for the outcomes, which even on TV seem inconsistent.
  7. I will also add about judging.......what if I get the table that doesn't like Cumin.....or spicy.....or sweet....or....or....or.......Taste is subjective.  I bet there is some 1st place Competition winners out there I wouldn't give their food more than one taste.  

    I love the "I ain't competing....Just eating"   [​IMG]
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    I like a contest that has almost 100% certified kcbs judges, they have some training as to what to look for .I have judged at tables with celeb's and special guest judges . Please excuse me for what I am about to say, I mean this !  most of those people don't have a freaking clue what they are suppose to judge for. I've seen this many times while I was judgeing,its true. it can piss you off knowing how hard the cooks work to make the finest product to turn . its a hard and expensive effort they all do. sorry to ramble on , but I have seen it from both sides.  I am a kcbs certified judge and the cook of we did it bbq coof -off team .  [​IMG]

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