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Discussion in 'Fatties' started by hdbrs, Apr 15, 2016.

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    Ok so I'm gonna try a fatty and I figured I would include you fine ppl here at smf. Well first thing was the fatty, and actually it went very well. I rolled the sausage in a bag and used sharp cheddar cheese, baby spinach, a bell pepper and a shallot. I gave the sausage a spog sprinkle, added the stuffing, rolled on parchment paper, then added to the bacon weave.
    I've been trying different ways to get good consistent temp and I've decided to try this
    I will be using the water pan empty and figure on a temp in the 250 range. I want to get things going around 1, give the wsm at least an hour to get dialed in and tbs flowing then put the fatty on around 2 230.
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    Sounds like a plan.

  3. hdbrs

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    I've never did cools like that but I thought I'd give it a shot, will I be able to get 250 out of that setup in you guys opinion?
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    Looks like I'm gonna have work earlier than I had hoped so on with 10 or so briquettes at 1215p
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    Been 40 mins, just taking forever to come up
  6. hdbrs

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    Well I will say this, a smashing success. I had to improvise a little due to temp not coming up very well. I removed the water pan and put a little baking pan wrapped in foil on the second grate. I put the fatty on while temp was about 210. I left and shot some trap practice. Got home maybe 2 hrs 15 min later and the wsm was at 265. I messed around for maybe 15 min or so then checked the fatty. Was overcooked at 185 or so but the bacon was crisp and the inside was still moist and delicious.
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    Looks like you could have used more charcoal,or put all of what you had in a half circle (snake) Points 


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