First Cook With Traeger Jr

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Oct 6, 2013
Central Florida
Well, got all the parts from Traeger I needed to complete my smoker this week. Got everything together and test fired it, all went well.

At about 10PM Saturday night I put on a 7lb Boston Butt. The thermometer on the lid was reading low, but I went with it. Checked on the Butt about 7AM Sunday, and was at 160º, so I knew the thermometer was off. Wrapped the Butt and finished it up in about 2 more hours.

Turned the smoker off, and started preparing my ribs to be cooled a little later today.

Went to start up the Traeger, and the fan came on, but no auger or heating rod.Replaced the fuse, as I didn't want to waste time getting the multimeter out to check for continuity. Still nothing.

Had to fire up The Big Green Egg to do the ribs, and will have to diagnose the Traeger when I have more time.

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Sep 24, 2011
Rocket City (Huntsville) AL
It's a shame the Traeger is giving you problems.  I am starting to hear several folks concerned with elec components on cookers lately.  Good thing you had another pit standing by that was not elec fired.  Besides all know we expect to see the results of the cook in photos  - right!?!?
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