First cook tomorrow on the ceramic

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Steve C.

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Feb 28, 2021
Rotonda West, Florida
I did a couple of test burns in the new Vision ceramic and the 2nd one did 250* for 10 hrs rock solid so I *think* I'm ready. ;) The boss (read as: wife) gets back from 2 weeks with 9 other women, drinking wine, men bashing, and making jewelry tonight. Anyhow.... first cook tomorrow. Small pork butt. 5-6 pounds. Gonna go "naked", just S&P as a reference point. The plan is taking it to around 205* - won't know what reality is until tomorrow. ;)
Will report in with pics one way or the other. ;) I figure it's gonna be a learning experience. I've had a WSM for a long time but really only did chicken and ribs and pastrami. Gonna branch out. :D
What kind of set-up options do you have with respect to an indirect cook? For example in my Eggs I can use a heat deflector, or raise my grate and cook on a rack in a pan.
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There's a stone above the charcoal. There is an upper rack I can use but given I have no clue what the h*77 I'm doin', I'm thinking I'll just S&P it, get it to about 250* and toss the sucker on the grate. Wrap it in foil @ about 160* and back on, take it to 205* and then wrap it in a towel in the cooler for an hour or two before pulling. Can't get much more basic than that. Then based on the results from that, I'll modify. (fingers crossed....)
I found this video on their site. The lava stone is the deflector, and you could put an empty drip pan on it, but blocking the pan up might work better because fats will burn. Or you could put your drip pan on the lowest grate, and cook the butt on the upper grate.

At about the 2:30 mark is when he shows the set-up options.
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Thanks - that's pretty much the one that I have. Hadn't really thought about a drip pan but maybe I should.... hmmmm
Fat's dripping directly onto the stone will make it really hard to keep clean. As a minimum wrap in in foil. I use a deep dish pizza pan in my Egg, but still put some foil in it.
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I’ve had a Vision Kamado for a few years. Love it for grilling. I’ve honestly never used it for smoking simply due to my other choices. Tuned in to see how it goes.
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