First butts.....scared about timing.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bbqboy cle, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. bbqboy cle

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    Hey all. I'm smoking 2, 7 pound butts for a labor day bbq. Gonna do 2 chickens as well. I'm getting scared about the timing. I read threads where the butts take 8 hours, then I read threads where the butts take 20 hours???? I'm doing a simple recipe with a rub and no foil, cooking at 225 to 230. My plan is to start the butts at midnight on sunday...expecting company at 3pm labor day. Should I be good?? Hoping to be done cooking at 1 or 2pm and letting the butts rest till around 3 in a cooler. Does my plan sound solid? Should I start the butts earlier?
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    Butts are unpredictable, I've had two butts the same size get done hours apart,,,, I'd suggest, speaking from experience... LOL... Do the smoke with PLENTY of time to spare, factor in one or both may be stubborned & don't forget the rest... The rest is important to get them good ol juices redistributed back throughout the meat ! Anymore, I do my PP a day or two ahead of time & reheat in the crockpot ! IMO, PP gets better after a day or two as well.... Just my two cents, good luck & post some pics if ya can ! 🍻
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    At that temp and no foil...GO LONG! Figure 2 hours per pound and at least 2 additional hours to CYA and/or rest the meat. If you are done early, the foil, towels and cooler will keep the meat happy up to 5-6 hours. 

    You didn't say what you are smoking on.

    Those birds will get a crispier skin if smoked at 325°F, taking 1.5-2 hours, your looking for an IT of 165 in the breast and 175 in the thighs. If you can get high heat, 325°F, use it and figure 1 hr/lb on the Butts then add the Chickens about 1 hour out. The Butts will be done early or come out approx the same time as the birds. Butts that are taken to an Internal Temp (IT) of 205°F or the bone comes out easily and clean, only needs a 30 minute rest on the counter. You can go longer in the cooler if you have the time...JJ
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  4. bbqboy cle

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    Thanks for the replies fellas. I'll be using a camp chef smoke vault 24. So far ive done several whole chickens with great success, several slabs of St louis ribs, and brisket that came out perfect! When I did the brisket, I put it in the cooker at the stroke of midnight and it was done by 1pm the next day. Held it in a cooler till 5pm and it worked out good.
  5. bbqboy cle

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    So, if I start these babies at 10pm tonight, I should have plenty of time to serve these suckers at 3pm the next day....right?
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  6. bigd3077

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    You should be fine.Thumbs Up
  7. greg1

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    You should be in good shape. I just put a small butt on this morning for pulled pork for the wife and myself for dinner tonight. I wrap at 160 because my wife doesn't like a lot of bark on it and I am smart enough not to argue with a pregnant woman lol. This actually will be the first time I have fixed a complete meal in my smoker going to make some hash brown potatoes with all sorts of goodies in them and baked apples for dessert. Will try to post pics later.
  8. grizsmoker

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    BBQboy, that should give you plenty of time. I smoked a 7.2lbs butt on Friday and it took 11 hours to get to 190IT. I wanted to get to 200, but the family was ready to hang me if I made them wait any longer. I let it rest for 25 minutes (this is a must!!!) while I prepared the side dishes.
    The butt pulled with a little more difficuly than it would have at 200IT but it still tasted great!

    If you are monitoring the temp it would be good for your blood pressure to remember that at around 170 the temp will stall for a while and a slight bit of panic will set in :devil: don't panic it will eventually start climbing again. :yahoo:

    Enjoy the process of the smoke, it is the best part (almost)
  9. Butts are unpredictable as stated and they do stall I just had two butts the same size take 18 hours to reach 200 the magic number for tender juicy butts. I generally foil mine at 160 and rest them over night in a cooler packed with towels it's still hot the next day.
  10. bbqboy cle

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    Thanks for the help guys. I shall be providing Qview....
  11. bbqboy cle

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    I trimmed these up this morning and salted them. Took em out of the fridge about quarter to 9 and applied mustard and my rub. They went in the smoke vault at the stroke of 10pm. I just took 2 shots of 100 proof rum. I'm ready for the long haul. I'll be cooking at 225 to 230, and i think I'll be using hickory and apple for the first 4 or 5 hojrs of the cook. trying not to wrap, just keeping it simple. I'll check in after some time, and a few more shots.
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  12. bbqboy cle

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    Good morning all! So, I expected to be at least at (of not half way thru) the stall, but I just checked the butts. They are sitting at 147 and 155 after 11 hours. Is it time to turn up the heat? They smell and look great!
    My cooker held between 225 and 230 all night.
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  13. tumbleweed1

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    They look good, like right on schedule it you're not eating til 3 pm or so.

    I just started an 8 pounder about an hour ago, but I never use less than 275 degrees. It works for me, as I don't like to wrap. The higher temps seem to make the stall minimal & I can usually cook at 1-1.25 hours per pound. I go to 205 IT. Nothing wrong with low & slow though when you have the time. 

    If the stall persists too long you can either bump up the temps, wrap, or wrap & finish in the oven, as you won't be taking on any more smoke after wrapping anyway.

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  14. bbqboy cle

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    Ok. Starting to freak out. At noon, I panicked. The butts were at 155 and 160. I pulled them and wrapped them. Threw in the 2 birds and cranked the gas. I'm sitting around 300 degrees with everything back in the smoker. Hope this doesn't go to far over 3pm.....
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  15. tumbleweed1

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    How those butts doin'?

    Mine's stallin' pretty good right now.

  16. It all depends on if you want slices or pulled pork, and how how big it is. Just make sure you temp get up to 190. For pulled pork you will about 10-12 hours. When I want slices I smoke for 8hrs and for pulled pork 10-12 hrs. Hope this helps
  17. My advice:

    Need more liquor... [​IMG]

    ...for everyone...

    ...and quickly... [​IMG]  
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  18. crazymoon

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    TW1, 14 hours and those temps ?

    Seems like the heat isn't at  the temp  its  saying its at ??
  19. bbqboy cle

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    So, I think I did great! Thus cook took FOREVER! 18 hours for both butts to get to 205! Pulled then out at around 4pm and let them rest for 30 minutes.

    The bone pulled out like nothing

    This pork may be the best thing that I ever put in my mouth! SO Good!!
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  20. grizsmoker

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    Looks awesome!
    18 hours is worth it for some good Q! :drool
    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy.

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