First Build...Not sure if my drum is really unlined

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by bennyshaik, May 22, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    This is my first time posting, but I've been lurking around planning my build for a few months. I'm planning on making a bare-bones UDS, leaving options to add cool chimneys later on.

    I picked up my 55gal drum this evening from a Craigslist post for $20. The guy assured me it was unlined, but I'm not so sure. He said his business gets them with glue inside, but the glue is contained in a plastic bag, therefore there weren't any hazmats in there (and it's not lined with plastic like food grade barrels). Anyway, it looks like it's painted. It's rust colored and comes off on my finger kind of like running your finger over rust, but it's way too even to be rust. I snapped some pictures, let me know what you think. If it is painted, I'll have to hit it with a wire brush and a burn-out fire.



    P.S. I'll post pics of the build once it happens in a few weeks. 

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  2. Is strange in the fact it comes off on your finger?  I wouldn't worry.  Build a big fire and burn it out well and then see what ya got.  Probably be pretty clean internally after that.  Just don't stand looking down inside when you light the fire, we don't know how flammable it may be and ya don't want singed eyebrows. [​IMG]
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    Burn it out real good with a roaring fire. The inner and outer paint will burn off. Made a few of these but never out of any drums that were filled with petrolium or chemicals.
  4. Welcome to the group Ben. When you get a chance. Will you stop by Roll call and update your info? That way we can tell where your from.

    Yes your drum is lined. It should burn off pretty easy. Your going to love your UDS when you get it built.

    Here's a pic of mine.

    Happy smoken.

  5. Thanks guys. So no on the wire brush? A big ol' fire sounds a whole lot better than several hours with a dremel!

    Heading over to Roll Call now...

  6. Benny...definitely get yourself a raging FIRE!!!  Plus its the easiest way to get rid of scrap wood!

    The paint just flakes off...

    Here's my completed build...Enjoy the drum and fun from building it!!!

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    Benny i had the identical coating inside my drum... no biggy, just drill your intake holes on the bottom and burn the heck out of it with pallets etc... After  the burn is when you can take an angle grinder with wire brush to it.   It'll turn out great, good luck
  8. Awesome, thanks guys. Hopefully the paint flakes off without the brush, otherwise I'll have to buy a angle grinder. 

    Also, I'm using these plans, they match closest with all that I've read (and my welder buddy needed plans for the basket).  Shouldn't have any issues, correct?

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    You can use a power drill with wire brush if you don't have an angle grinder because you'll want to wire brush inside and out.   You won't be painting the inside but you will want to brush and clean it prior to seasoning. 
  10. Ben

    the only issue i can see is what to smoke first.

    Happy Smoken.


    here is a link to my UDS build.
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  11. Alright, so I burned the barrel out and started to wire brush today. After the burn the inside of the barrel was left with this shiny black sticky substance, which is troubling because I believe it is paint. The wire brush, with great labor, will take it off the inside of the barrel (though not the inside of the lid where it is thick), but not all the way. As you'll see in a close-up, it looks like it's getting down to raw metal, but it is still slightly sticky. If this is gonna require buying significantly more parts, I might just scrap it and buy a brand new one for $75 from a barrel supplier a few miles away. Thoughts? 


    Outside of barrel. Initial bit of work shows raw metal (at the bottom)

    Lid. After a wire brushing and pummus stone attachment. Sticky and comes off on your fingers/the brush.

    Inside blackness. This is sticky to the touch.

    A section of the inside after some intense brushing. Not pictured is that some of the sticky film still remains.

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    The fire was not hot enough to burn the stuff to ash....   was it glowing red hot ??   
  13. It was about as hot as I could get it, burned a significant amount of scrap wood for 6+ hours and then put the lid (chimney hole already cut) on and it smoldered for 2 days until I could touch it. It definitely glowed red, (interestingly, the area around the intake holes was naturally the hottest and glowed yellow, but that's the area where there's still black paint on the outside.
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    Benny, WOW....... If that's the case, I have no idea what was inside the barrel....   If it were mine, I'd use it for something other that cooking food.....   Just to be on the safe side....    Dave......
  15. You might try burning it out again. Like Dave said if it won't burn out i would not cook in it. The intake holes will be the coldest. not the hotest. Not sure if you shot it with a inferred temp gauge. but i can tell you the intake and the bottom were the cold spots. You have to get it screaming hot.

    happy smoken

    just my

  16. Hmm, it was only glowing brightly right around all the intake holes. Have emailed a local sandblasting shop, stay tuned...
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