First build 275 gallon tank

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by tmitch82, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Picked this tank up for free off of Craigslist.

    This is a build my buddy and I are doing (have a feeling he'll back out). I have read all the threads on this type build an got some great ideas and advice. The build will be drawn out due to both working little and both having a baby due in December a week apart, so were trying to save as much as possible by getting most of the materials for free.
  2. Nice score. Looking forward to the build.

    happy smoken.

  3. Thanks Dave, also if anybody reading this is interest in a simular tank and in or near south jersey I found a few for sale from $40-&100+ on south jersey Craigslist.
  4. On my second build with one of these tanks now. Got it all plotted out...just trying to calculate a few things before I slap it all together. How you cut the lid has alot to do with what you'll fit in there. Learned that the hard way the first time. 
  5. How did you cut it
  6. Just going off of my mistakes, what Ive seen a few others do to theirs and what they have been able to do with it....I laid this one down and cut a door out of what is now the top. Im not sure what your goal is on that one...I am not utilizing a firebox on this one. If you are than vertical might be a better way to go for you. 

    But from my simple opinion...cut the door out of one side or the other! You can easily make a solid door without cutting the sides open and unleashing a ton of warping issues that you really dont want to deal with. Those welds that go all the way around both sides hold that thing together pretty effectively. 

    I have a pic of the one Im doing now in my profile. All I have done so far Is cut the door out. Still doing some research before doing anything else. 

    Whatever door you cut....mark it level and straight...get a good metal cut off wheel...lightly mark the line you drew with the cut off wheel....going over it lightly a few times will let you mark a straight line without the cutter skipping and jumping around throwing sparks every where and making you wonder if the thing is gonna blow up on you. Take your time and cut lightly and straight....leave an inch or so at every corner un cut until you have cut through everywhere else and it has cooled down. then cut the corners out. 
  7. I plan on doing the doors simular to this, maybe just a little taller
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    tmitch, morning....   Hey.....   If you cut into the curved part of the tank, to make the doors, the steel has a memory and will try to straighten out and be a PITA....    Check all the tank builds, like you are doing, to see what folks did to overcome that particular problem....  I know there are solutions.....   Like cutting curved ribs, the shape of the tank, partially cutting out the door and weld the ribs in place...  

    Some folks also "picture frame" the door opening and have flat doors.....  

  9. Dave, thank you. I planned on picture framing them, and was thinking of making them taller to maximize cooking area if I do cut the curve I will do the ribs. Thank you for the info and ideas, all is welcome. I do hope to get it cleaned up and do the lay out in the next week, then it's a hunt for the material.
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    Sounds like you are Waaaaay ahead of me....     I'm in for the build....     [​IMG]  ...


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