First Brisket on My New Rec Tec

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    Bought an 18-month old Rec Tec yesterday from a friend & figured I'd jump right into the deep end of the pool with a brisket.  A few weeks ago Costco had PRIME briskets on sale for $2.99/lb, so I bought every last one they had.  My freezer is still full of brisket.  Pulled one of them out earlier in the week to thaw & seasoned it last night with my homemade rub & injected it with my beef broth olive oil mixture.  Put it back in the fridge till this morning.

    Put it on the Rec Tec this morning at 235 degrees.  Had to go to my daughters softball game, so left it for 2+ hours.  Came home to find it still pegged at 235 & chugging right along.  That was really cool.  I've had a BGE for several years & am used to constantly having to babysit the thing to tweak the vents to maintain temperature.  Wrapped it a little bit later at 160 (sorry the image is blurry).

    Pulled it off a while later to rest in the cooler.  After a while I pulled it out & started slicing.  Tenderness was great & it had the best smoke ring I've ever done.  The flavor was really good.  I would have liked more smokiness on it, so tomorrow I will order me an 18" smoke tube so I can get more smoke on my next cook.

    For my first effort on a pellet smoker, I'm really pleased.  It is really nice to not have to worry with vents & temperature fluctuations.  I did find that there was about a 5-7 degree difference between the reading on the Rec Tec & what my Maverick registered on the grate.  If I can figure out a way to get more smokiness on the next cook, I think I will have hit a home run with this purchase.
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  3. Looks great !
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    Looks great ! Thumbs Up

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