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First Brisket... a little dry.


Joined Sep 8, 2016
Finally got around to smoking my first Brisket on my new smoker... Only the 3rd brisket I've ever done. It was a smaller one, around 6 pounds and the total smoke time around 9.5 hours. I foiled at around 155 and pulled to rest at 199... was only able to let rest about an hour and 15 minutes. The smoke flavor was great and the texture was ideal... very tender but held together enough to be sliced neatly. I did think that parts of the brisket were a little dry though... everyone else who ate it said i was crazy but i thought it could have been more moist.

Did I not let it rest long enough? (it took about an hour longer than i expected to get to 199 and I had several hungry neighbors...)

or perhaps just how brisket comes out some times? Its funny... when its your own smoke you nit pick everything.... any tips to boost the moisture in the meat? Thanks


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I have a few ideas...

Smoking temp? I like 250-265 for brisket because 225 keeps it on the smoker too long and I've had drier ones from that.

How tight did you wrap it? I have had drier ones when it's clear I did not do a great job wrapping it.

6 pds seems on the light side... was it only the flat with the point removed? I have never cooked one like that but seen them at the store... I know many people prefer to separate the flat and point, but I cannot give advice there because I have only cooked them whole.

Another thing you could do is put your rub on 3 days early and wrap it tightly in the fridge in cling wrap... the salt from the rub will initially pull out some moisture, but after a day or 2 it will reabsorb pulling the salt in more and better hold on to the moisture... I've noticed a decent difference enough in this last one to where I always do this.

I wreaked a few brisket figuring out what I liked and what to change, but I would keep things simple... follow a trusted recipe exactly. Don't go crazy with your rub and try one change at a time to see how much it effects your end result.

If you end up with a drier one, cut it thicker... like over 1/2" thick slices. Cutting fewer fibers is less water loss.

I do think you let it rest enough.
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May have been underdone.

Temperature probe should be in the thickest part of the flat.

When you reach your target temperature (I start checking it at 200°) pierce the thickest part of the flat with a skewer. When it goes in and back out with no resistance, it is done.

My briskets usually go to about 210° to pass the skewer test.

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