First Boston Butt on MES 30

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  1. Ok guys I need your help.  I just got back from the hospital with my month old son so I haven't read up or searched enough.  My son is fine now btw.  I have an 8lb butt that I plan on slathering in mustard then rubbing and wrapping in Saran wrap tonight.  What is he rule of thumb for temp and time?  Smoker at 220 degrees?  For how long?  What temp am I trying to get to internally before I foil/towel and cooler it? Should I fill the water pan?  If I fill the chip tray and go to sleep should the smoke last until at least 6 am?  What am I missing?  Again I apologize for he dumb questions but please excuse me.
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    I smoke at 225 for as long as it takes 1 to 1.5 per pound average but however long it takes to get to 205. If you don't have an AMNPS you will only get about 30 to 45 minutes of smoke from the tray. I like to have smoke the entire time so I use the AMNPS. My first one I added chips every 30 minutes for the first 4 hours then let it cook the rest of the night. I also used water in the pan and put a foil catch pan on the rack under the butt to catch the drippings. After the meat is done, foil towel and let rest about an hour put the drippings in the fridge for a while and scrape the fat off and lay a paper towel on the top and lift to get all the fat off that you can then pour back into the butt after you have shredded it. I hape this helps I am sure you will get many other answers in time.
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    I smoke mine at 200-225 with a target temp of 215. I figure 2 hours per pound and add 2 hours. I smoke till IT hits 200-205, foil with some of my spritz in there and place in cooler for several hours. take it out and pull. 


    I forgot to mention I use a pan of water on a rack above my sand filled water pan. I run a Master forge 2 door LPG unit. I have to add smoke wood every couple hours. I use a hand full of lump with chunks around that with chips filling in. I use smoke the whole time its in the smoker. my wood of choice is usually a combo of hickory and apple.
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    I assume since you mention chip tray that you have an MES.

    Either way preheat smoker.  smoke 225.  take temp to 150-160.  some keep smoking here but I foil.  This can if need be moved to the oven.  Many times I will start around 4-5 PM, then after foiling turn the MES down to 200 and just let it be overnight, up early in the morning, rest in cooler.  get breakfast, clean up, then pull the pork.

    Good luck.

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