First Boston Butt attempt tomorrow.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by highbrass85, May 15, 2015.

  1. I had a question I posted on another thread, and it never got answered, so I thought I would try here. I will be using a small barrel grill as a smoker tomorrow for a Boston Butt. My question (well the first one), is this exhaust/smoke vent too low for a proper smoke? It's really close to the grates and of course that is the side the meat will be on. I had 2 Patio Pro (CharGrillers) I took back bc they wouldn't seal for crap. There was a 1/2" gap on both lids.  I picked this cheap little Kingsford up at Academy because it makes a great seal, and it was great for salmon and brats the other night.

    Next question is, what is the general consensus on injecting? I see some do it and some don't. I was planning on just doing a rub tonight of mustard, brown sugar, salt, and coarse black pepper...back in the fridge tonight in some plastic wrap on a plate and starting tomorrow...and once complete, I was going to do the finishing sauce per the sticky in this section. Is that plenty for juicy flavor or is injecting necessary?

    Thanks in advance.

    Oh , here is my little whimp...about to run to Home Depot to pick up some chips, chimney, and an oven thermometer for grate temps.

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    Below is how I do my Boston Butts.

    As for injecting, I never do it, because it doesn't need the moisture, and I like to play around with lower temps to get more TBS time.

    If you do inject, you're supposed to treat it like ground meat, and get the IT from 40° to 140° in no longer than 4 hours.

  3. chewmeister

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    Shouldn't need to inject a butt. Plenty of fat in there to keep it juicy.
  4. Thanks guys, and Bear I read your post a few times already now, sounds great. I'm working with limited space so I can't decide on minion or snake. So any idea on the low vent placement or am I thinking too hard on it?
  5. carbine1koos

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    Keep us posted on how it goes!!
  6. chewmeister

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    FWIW, before I got a smoker I used my old gas grill for smoking. The results were great and the vents were lower than what you have. As long as you can keep the coals going and keep the cooking temp where you want it should be okay. My .02.

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