fireplace and smoker (good bacon)

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  1. Please embed all videos.....  DaveOmak.....

    Very nice build..... Holey Moley that was a build...   I'm impressed with your talents..... 
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  2. WOW!!!
  3. OK, about how much did that fireplace/smoker brick assembly cost you?  Just wondering.

    [​IMG]        [​IMG]        [​IMG]
  4. Material around 5-6k, plus some of my own work. Thank you
  5. Very very nice. I saw some of the pics you posted..You smoke a lot of food!!  Do you have a restaurant or something?
  6. woodcutter

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    Your photo album is amazing!
  7. wade

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    That is stunning - great work and great food too
  8. Very cool, great job

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