Firebox door damper design

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Jun 6, 2012
Jacksonville, FL
Getting ready to start significant mod to an OKJ RF and will be mainly beefing up FB for longevity. Part of this is to add large side loading door which will allow me to insulate firebox a little with blanket

I called Yoder and said I needed a replacement door for a loaded wichita and $29 later she was at my door. Pretty good price for pre cut 1/4” steel. Main question is I have seen some different views on part of damper being located so high. I have always kept low and I know Slamkeys welded his top vent on this door shut. Should I install as is or double size of bottom and seal up to? I would cut damper in half and weld both together. Little plasma cutting to open up bottom and spare 1/2” plate seal up top should work

also I just thought of this. Should I reinforce the side wall inside main CC since I am adding 20+ lbs to firebox? Maybe some steel straps running along top and bottom

Yes. Will be only door used for adding coals/wood and will be only air inlet into the FB
Then I can’t help. Hopefully someone will come along here that will.
The top vent is to move the hot smoke into the cook chamber and should be placed in height accordingly. The bottom vent just feeds the fire. From the side is a different ballgame for me.
The ideal placement is a 2/3rd vent at the bottom 1/3rd and the other 1/3rd vent on the upper 1/3rd but that said the Shirley smokers use the double pie like the one in your new door....If it were me I would use it as is. That is pretty slick and clean looking and should work well.

Adding re-enforcement is your call, if you weld the fire box to the CC that should be plenty strong enough.
Thanks. Ill leave as is. Im sure the opening is sufficient for the OkJ firebox size. I plan to weld the bottom part to CC where FB hangs down. Not best welder so welds stay hidden there. I guess my reinforcement was more of a to prevent FB from drooping which is an issue with the OKJ already without adding more weight to it
If sag is an existing issue......I thing you have enough to make a good decision.....

I’m probably going to use a double pie on my next build, it is sleek and less fab work.
Upper inlets allow you to control the air moving heat out of the FB....
Lower inlets allow you to control air to the fire for temp control...

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