Fire, fire, fire... how do I stop this?

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Jun 25, 2016
I've just started using a grill that has a gas side and a charcoal side.

When I'm using the gas side to grill, I am getting so much fire. It's like out of control flames.

What can I do to minimize all the flare ups?
I've never heard of this happening... is it really greasy on that side? If so, Maybe you need to clean out or burn it out.

If you are cooking fatty cuts, you'll get flair ups... should be out of control though
As uzikaduzi says, it may be grease fires causing your flare ups. I don't cook on a gas grill anymore, but back when I did, I'd always keep a spray bottle of water by the grill to control those flare ups.

Another thing to there a chance your burners are starting to corrode and/or burn through? When the burner jets burn out, it gets much harder (even next to impossible) to control the flame. If this is the case, Its time to replace that burner.

It's a new BBQ, but there is certainly drippings around in there from use.  I guess I need to tend more to cleaning the grill and the heat shields that are right under the grills, and also do that before each use.

Is it easier to clean when it's hot?
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It doesn't seem likely that it's grease build up if it's new to me... did you put it together? Does it have those V plates to kind of shield the fire?
Yes, it has three rows of gas burners, each with an inverted "V" shield.  I have cooked injected chicken in there, which has dripped a LOT all over inside there.  I guess I just need a good cleaning.

What's the best way to clean out a gas grill like this?


Never mind, I just found a good tutorial on cleaning a gas grill:
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If it gets really bad, I'd just take a spoon to the cold grill and scrape all of gunk out of it the best that you can. Take a grill brush and clean up those heat shields too, then wipe it all down good with a paper towel trying to get as much grease off the bottom as you can.

Last and most important, turn the grill on high, shut the lid and walk away for 45 minutes. Maybe even fire up the charcoal side too for extra heat. If that doesn't work, maybe you have a bum burner that needs replacing.

Hope it helps.
Pull the "flavor bars" off, and if you can get the burners out (many are simply dry fit), the culprit will likely be under the burner, especially if you have no drain for the grease to run out.  Heat rises, and it often doesn't get hot enough under the burners for the gunk to burn completely off.  Folks often overlook the bottom of the grill, and it needs attention too.  I've taken rags and mopped up the goop when it's viscous, a scraper when congealed, and shot a drain hole in the bottom with a collection bucket as well.  Also, X2 what Beta said:  after you've gotten as much out as you possibly can manually, fire that thing up high and let the rest burn off for 45 minutes or so. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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