Fire danger? MES w grease accumulation on floor

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Oct 1, 2016
Tx / LA border, Toledo Bend
I have an analog 1500w Masterbuilt that has an accumulation of 3/16" - 1/4" gunk on the floor.

Physical limitations make it difficult for me to get down there with a putty knife to clean it.

Any problem leaving it for a few more smokes?

I usually  max out at 300 degrees, doing poultry.

I am by far mostly concerned about possibility of it igniting, causing a hazard on a wood deck, and ruining the meat being cooked.

I do try to catch my drips, nevertheless that's how it is.

Thoughts?    Thank you, Marc
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Now that you know it's there it's going to make you worry a lot about it.

Clean it if you think it's truly grease that could combust, if it's crunchy, I wouldn't worry too much.
And if you do clean it, put a sheet of aluminum foil down so next time all you have to do is throw the foil out & put a new sheet in.

Al - Yes, great idea.

I'll fashion a full bottom w foil w like 1/2" sides, maybe a small rock on each corner to keep it down.

Darn thing is, like if I do wings, I spread them out to cover the shelf.

By then, my drip pan has to be so big, it blocks air flow, so I make it smaller, and have some drippage down to the floor.

When you figure in the reality of the need for drip pans, spacing, not impeding air circulation,  you really get limited on amount of meat load.    

The way I see it, a 40", compared to a 30", holds about 50% more load at least,  not 33% more.      Marc
I am by far mostly concerned about possibility of it igniting, causing a hazard on a wood deck, and ruining the meat being cooked.

I would be more concerned that the wood deck,could also set the House on fire.

So it sounds like you don't have an internal drip pan in place that has a drain hole to the outside?  If not,  I assume the smoker has the drain hole in back and that it is simply dripping down onto the floor?  If so, why not either attach a factory drip catcher on the outside below the drain hole or at worst case place a drip catching pan or tray on the floor below the drain hole.   If the latter, I would first clean up the existing mess.
I do have a drip hole, located I think in the center of bottom, with the factory pull out tray, but not everything makes it into there.

Will clean and foil.

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