Finishing temp questions.

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 29, 2006
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
So I notice around here it says a lot that things have finished temperatures, that once they reach that tempurature they're done? So does that mean that once the meat reaches said temperature that I should pull it at that point or what?
Hi hope this helps:keep in mind the time to complete varies due cooker temp, weather conditions ect... This chart and other great info can be found on the free newsletter that Jeff offers.

Type of Meat--- Smoking Temp--Time to Complete-- Finished Temp
Brisket (Sliced) 225 degrees 1.5 hours/pound 180 degrees
Brisket (Pulled) 225 degrees 1.5 hours/pound 195 degrees
Pork Butt (Sliced) 225 degrees 1.5 hours/pound 175 degrees
Pork Butt (Pulled) 225 degrees 1.5 hours/pound 190-205 degrees
Whole Chicken 250 degrees 4 hours (approx.) 167 degrees
Chicken Thighs 250 degrees 1.5 hours 167 degrees
Chicken Quarters 250 degrees 3 hours 167 degrees
Whole Turkey 12# 240 degrees 6.5 hours 170 degrees
Turkey Leg 250 degrees 4 hours 165 degrees
Meat Loaf 250 -300 degrees 3 hours 160 degrees
Spare Ribs 225-240 degrees 6 hours 172 degrees
Baby Back Ribs 225-240 degrees 5 hours 168 degrees
Smoked Corn 225 degrees 1.5 - 2 hours N/A
Smoked Potatoes 225 Degrees 2 - 2.5 Hours N/A
theresa, nice little "chart". i copied it and pasted it into word, making me a little chart to print out, since i now don't have to type one myself.
Yep, that pretty much sums it up, anymore time and in many cases you have reached the optimum amount of time for that hunk of meat
Can anyone tell me the finishing temp for a fattie? I found the smoker temp and a time of 3 hrs. but was curious about the internal temp. Have been drooling over my keyboard and am threatening to make a store run
. Think I'll try the JD hot and sage. Thanks in advance :D ! Daun is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.