Finally TBS!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by genxos, May 9, 2015.

  1. Okay, NOW I know what you mean!

    I have a masterbuilt pro with one of those chip pans that has the slits in it so I was always fighting flareups and billowing smoke. I just finished a test now with a cast iron pan over the chip tray and some hickory chunks that I ended up getting from Amazon since I can't seem to find chunks nearby.


    Needless to say I ended up with some nice TBS fairly quickly and now I am all set to do some BBQ this afternoon. Today I am going for chicken quarters, chicken thighs, some center cut pork chops, and farmers sausage.

    Happy smoking everyone! I will get some pictures up once the feast is done!

  2. Here's everything all set to go in!

     The chicken thighs were marinated with Szeged chicken rub, a little olive oil, and juice from half a lemon. The chicken quarters were done up with Jeff's rub. I'm getting hungry already.

  3. Well, success!

    It DOES taste as good as it looks!


    I learned a lot from the forums and made some good changes that made this smoke the best yet!

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    Awesome Todd! Tbs is everything

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