Finally set up my Green Mountain Jim Bowie

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  1. After months of begging then followed by months of waiting I finally was able to set up my new grill.  

    I got the following package at an undisclosed price, but way below retail.  I am leaving it as undisclosed price as the dealer decided to focus on selling pellets only.

    Package included:

    Jim Bowie grill

    2 - 28 lb bags of GMG Premium pellets


    Remote upgrade

    Freshly out of the shrink wrap.  I am not sure what that black cover is but it felt like a rubbery plastic and being such a big piece I kept it just in case.

    Under the black frabric

    What was in the smaller box

    2 months later.....

    Grill finally out of the box

    Grill in it new location

    Grill up and running.  Doing its burn off of manufacturer residue and seasoning

    Frist smoke was a marinated tri-tip.  So no prep view as it was pre-done at the meat market.  No final shot either as it finished late in the evening.

    Final result

    The grill runs about 75 degrees hotter than set temp and a I have a 0-50-0 degree temp difference from left to right.  But half the fun is working those issues out.
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  2. Nice dude I just got my Daniel Boone out on my deck they cook great how do you like the gmg pellets?
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    Congrats on the new rig!  I'd be interested in hearing how you like it once you've got it broke in good.  I've been thinking of putting a pellet smoker on my wish list.
  4. Dunno,  Cash and Carry had Bear Mountain for $9.81/bag so I used that for this.  We are planning a big BBQ once the rest of the backyard is finished, so I will switch to the GMG pellets then.  My wife was nice and bought me the vacuum that attaches to a 5 gallon bucket so I can vacuum out the hopper and switch at any time and store different types of pellets in different containers.
  5. Got the same grill. Had the same temp problem. Unit needs a new control panel . Call GMG and they will send you one. Try to take out the baffle plate. This may help even out the temp across the grill..
  6. Did you remove the plate over the firepit as well as the side plate.

    I lucked out and my dealer didn't have a JB with remote in stock so he gave me a standard version then mailed me a remote upgrade when they came in.  So now I have the remote control unit and the regular unit.  I am going to put the standard unit back in and see what happens. 

    I am just wondering if I screwed up the temp sensor when I seasoned the unit.  I use a combo of olive oil and garlic powder, and don't know if getting some on the sensor is causing issues as well.
  7. No I only removed the side plate. Don't think the sensor is the problem. Call GMG. They are very helpful.

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