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  1. It's cold rainy and just nasty outside, I did manage to get my butts on the smoker for about 3 hours to get some good smoke in them . after fighting to keep my temps up to 240 I had t move them to the oven ''which I didn't want to do'' They have been in the oven on 230 since 8 a.m and the IT is at 170 so I decided to wrap them and turn heat up to 250 . How much longer do you think they will take ? not eating till 5 so should have plenty of resting time. here they are after my rub last night before they hit the smoker.
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    Your post was 2 hrs 5 minutes ago.  At 250F oven temp and a target of say 205F you should be close to taking them out of the oven for a rest, which is 3:26PM your time as I type.  If not, crank the oven temp up to 300 as long as they are wrapped.  They'll finish quickly.
  3. Thanks for the reply back, they were at 200 #3 p.m the one on top is a sweet bbq sauce the other is Carolina vingar base sauce 

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    Congrats on the successful smoke!  Once you wrap big hunks of meat, whether you put it back on the smoker or in the oven, crank the temp up.  You can take it up to 300-325 with no fear of causing any problems.  The higher temp won't matter to the meat and it will save you time.  The higher temps will matter if you have honey or brown sugar on your meat or in your rubs and you go higher than 325F because you start getting close to the sugar burn temp of 350F.

    I smoked two 4.5 lb boneless butts yesterday at 250F for four hours.  IT was as 157F and stalled when it was time to wrap.  I put them both in the same aluminum roaster, added maybe a cup of fresh pressed apple juice and two cups of brown sugar.  Wrapped them up and put them back on the smoker.  The chamber temp had spiked to 365F while I was wrapping them because I left the lid off by mistake.  I loaded the wrapped meat on the smoker and just closed down the vents, bringing the chamber temp down to 310-315F before opening the vents again to stabilize the temp there.  They finished at an IT of 205F in about 90 minutes.    
  5. thanks I'll keep that in mind next time, since weather was nasty today the menu was short the baby backs but no one complained. I just applied the rub to them and put them in the fridge for a good nights sleep . Mondays menu beautiful day and smoked baby backs .

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