Few smoker questions. MES I think?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by rhinoguy, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. rhinoguy

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    I bought this small smoker from Academy Sports around Christmas.  I have used it a few times but still cant get the TBS.  It seems to be way too hot.  I think my problem is that the wood chips are in a tray that sits on top of the heating element.  I am thinking about sticking a couple of metal rods between the element and the tray.  Do you think this will help?  Or will I not get any smoke at all?
  2. rhinoguy

    rhinoguy Fire Starter

    Couple of Pictures.
  3. rhinoguy

    rhinoguy Fire Starter

    A couple of pictures.[​IMG]



  4. smokinal

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    No pictures come up. Need more details.
  5. rhinoguy

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    Im waiting on the pictures to be approved.  I dont have enough post to add pictures.
  6. tjohnson

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    Pics Work Now.

    It's a Cajun Injector and most likely made in the same factory as the Masterbuilt.

    Looks like it has the full chip pan too.  This was supposed to fix the issue with it not burning chips.

    The chip pan is warped, so it's definitely getting heat from the element.

    Are you getting white billowing smoke or no smoke at all?

    What temp are you smoking at?

    Do you use a dual probe thermometer to monitor smoker temp and food temp?

  7. alblancher

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    I always thought that the way to get TBS was to get the fire hot enough to provide the clear smoke but small or low enough to keep cooking temps in the 220  240 range.  If you smell smoke but don't see it or don't see it very well you are smoking
  8. rhinoguy

    rhinoguy Fire Starter

    Thanks for posting the pics and the fast response. 

    I usually set it at 240.  Until the chips burn out it will have heavy smoke.  Not thin at all.  Im pretty sure the pan is getting too hot.  I have not tried soaking the chips yet.   I figure they will just dry out and Ill have the same problem.  Should I try a lower temp?  I know it runs a little hot but it usually stays under 250.  I use a digital probe for the meat and a turkey fryer probe in the top vent to make sure the unit thermostat is close to accurate.
  9. smokinal

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    Get an AMNS. Problem solved!

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