Fast food pricing

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I dont eat out much because of the cost lately. I was hungry for some Pho while shopping down south of here so thought I would try a different place. It sucked! This seems to happen more times than not anymore when I do go out. I should of went to the place I know is good but it is bit out of the way and they are slow but at least the Pho is good!
Just saw on NewsNation this morning that since 2019 food prices 21% (or close to that) and FastFood prices are up 33%.
As with most other non food items. Yet the feds claim inflation is under 10% I guess we need to read the fine print as to which month the data is extracted.
As with most other non food items. Yet the feds claim inflation is under 10% I guess we need to read the fine print as to which month the data is extracted.
Yeah the government says the middle class is doing great......! Prices are down, wages are up. I'm glad for them cause the class I'm in is suffering!

We had it so good......$5 boxes, $1 mcchickens, $5 footlongs, $1.29 Bacon jrs, 2 for $6 big fish, 5 for $5 roast beef, .99 rodeo burgers, $1.50 beam and coke on fridays, 2 for $6 mix n mtch gyros/roast beef, $1.50 miller lite pounders on sat, dollar/value menus........ALL GONE....:emoji_disappointed::emoji_disappointed::emoji_laughing:
That's how I got fat and had to end up low carbing to get less fat! I was a sucker for the two for one could I not get that? But just for me, not sharing...then one day I looked in the mirror and I was "that guy". The fat SOB you see at the Walmart and wonder how he carries all that around and "doesn't he even realize"? Funny how cheap good tasting food will make us literally cripple ourselves.
Gave a guy I work with a ride to waffle house to pick up his lunch order today. Two bacon egg and cheese sandwiches extra bacon. (5 strips instead of 3) 25.xx plus a 2.00 tip. No drink.
He rags me about makin my lunches but drools over what I bring. LoL
When I had my business, at one point I was installing Gymnasium equipment. I was installing lockers in a high school (Summertime no kids around) and hired two laborers from the work program at the local halfway house...felons. These were a couple of scary looking dudes (to some people, I'm just putting the story in context) but were probably the best workers I ever hired in 22 years of business.

At lunchtime, the school staff were having some event. The guys were dropped off at the site by "the system" with no lunch. The school folks offered for us to eat from their buffet of catered food. I had brought my lunch but I told the dudes to go ahead and help themselves, they couldn't believe they were even invited and grabbed them some food.

One guy unwrapped his sandwich and gasped "uuggghh!, what the hail is that?". It was alfalfa sprouts instead of lettuce, etc...this was "high end" food. He said "I cant eat that shiznit". I said "hey man, I'll trade you, this is just a regular ole ham and cheese with mustard, thats a top shelf sandwich you got, I'll take it". He raved about my basic ham and cheese and couldn't believe I was willing to trade sandwiches with a scary looking felon like him. I got the better of the deal. That was an upscale sandwich he was disgusted with! But he loved what I packed.
That's funny you say that...I always say to my wife that Chinese food (even the Americanized stuff) is something I've not been able to make at home...and I love Chinese food. Although...I've taken a stab at a few things after watching a tiktok channel...but that's basic stuff.
I do have some Asian inspired recipes I've tweaked that come out pretty good. I do better when I run with Thai flavors...lime and fish sauce are your friend as well as Thai mushroom soy sauce....that stuff is just good right out of the bottle, almost like a soup base. My favorite stir fry vegetable other than hot peppers and onions is baby bok choy.
We stopped at a small dinner the other day. Have ate there before and it is good food. Their special was meat loaf, baked potato, dinner roll and carrots. Meat loaf was about2.5" square and about 3" thick. Potato was large also with butter and 2 long packs of sour cream. $9.75 price was very reasonable. Was expecting a slice of meatloaf. Place might hold 50 people, but they do a lot of carry out.
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Heck, I remember when you got 2 for $5

PIZZA PIZZA - I wasn't nuts about it but 20$ fed me and my homies though many a pizza and soda fueled AD&D weekend.
Yeah, remember that as well. Still remember the first time we ordered them we didn't realize they came with two pizzas so we ordered two. They came in a tray covered with paper you couldn't see through and back then we were surprised because when we opened them up they were square, not round. No other place in the area was doing that. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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