Fall Foiliage

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Mar 13, 2013
As many know I live in VT but was born and raised in the Adirondack Mountains if upstate NY. Never before I moved to Dallas TX for ten years did I even give the fall colors a second look so I suppose i was just used to seeing them. But since moving back to the north east I never miss a beat when it comes to enjoying this time of the year. these pics were taken by the wife/me/the kid on different days the last few weeks.Some are in NY and some are in VT and they were all taken with a cell phone so the pics dont do them any justice.

I have many friends in the south and went that have never seen this in real life so I take lots of pics for their enjoyment and I hope you like them as well.

And no I was not driving when I took mine lol.

Wanna-be, wonderful pics. One of my maples has turned a bright yellow - while the other three are just now start to change. 
As an Oregonian currently residing near Chicago, I get it. I miss the colors.
Nice pics. This is my first autumn living in swfl and missing the stunning colors of my midatlantic native home.

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Wow, stunning Fall pics.

I share your passion with fall colors (fall is my favorite season) so I hope you don't mind If I share a quick video of my last fall trip to Rickets Glen State Park

Hope you don't get nauseous from the shaky camera

Fall Colors At Ricketts Glen State Park

Thanks for sharing your autumn colors. I was born and raised in Maryland. Autumn has always been my favorite season. But we moved to Florida in June and I really miss those few weeks in autumn. Maybe next year we will take a vacation back north for the show. But winter here is so darn nice! Sunny, low humidity, 70-80*F every day, cool at night.

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