Eye Round (Sous Vide)

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Sep 12, 2009
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Eye Round (Sous Vide)

This Eye Round was 3.07 LBS.
I thawed this one out and put it in my Sous Vide Supreme, set it at 131°, and let it roll for 30 hours.

Note: I dumped a packet of “Lipton Beefy Onion Soup” in the bag before I sealed it.
This one came out awesome, and Totally Fork Tender!!!
I cut some nice small steaks for Me & the Mrs.
Mrs Bear added some Green Beans & Mashed Taters.

Then after Supper, I cut up the rest of the roast into small pieces for Sammies for the next couple meals.

You can see what I did with the Leftovers below.
I’ll include more info in the Captions Below.

This Result, along with being able to reheat my Signature Prime Rib leftover slices without changing them in any way make the Sous Vide worth every Penny!!

Hope you all enjoy the Pics (Below),


3.07 LB Beef Eye Round:

Vacuum Sealed for SV, with one packet of Lipton Beefy Onion Soup powder:

Sous Vide Supreme set at 131°:

Searing in Pan after 30 hours in SV:

Slicing enough for our Supper:

Slicing the rest for future Sammies:

Bear's First Night's Supper:

Kelchner's Horseradish Sauce:

Beef & Cheese:

More Cheese:

Close it up for Bear's Second Night's Supper, with a Dill Pickle:

Another brand of Horseradish Sauce, because I ran out of Kelchner's:

A Bunch of Beef Slices & some of Jeff's BBQ Sauce:

Close it up for Bear's #3 night Supper:

Some of Mrs Bear's BBQ Sauce:

Lots of Beef:

Night #4 Bear's Supper, Lots of Beef, left open faced, with some Pickled Red Beet Slices:


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No need to ask where's the beef . You got some good eats and a bunch of meals out of that one .
All good meals . Nice work .
Nothing better than Beef and Horseradish! Awesome looking meals Bear.
When you SV something like this for so long, do you HAVE to thaw it, or is that just the way you prefer to do it?

Nothing better than Beef and Horseradish! Awesome looking meals Bear.
When you SV something like this for so long, do you HAVE to thaw it, or is that just the way you prefer to do it?


Thank You Don!!
I do this for Tough Beef:
I SV Chuck Roasts for 48 hours to make them like Prime Rib. Some of them would be OK at 24 to 30 hours, but some of them need 48 hours. Problem is you don't know which ones need the 48, so I do all Chucks for 48 hours, if I'm going to slice it.

As for the Eye Rounds, they are Lean, but not with the tough spots, so they are all nice & tender after 21 to 30 hours. I prefer the 30 hours.
And Thanks for the Like.

Looks darned tasty Bear, you definitely have them eye of rounds dialed in! It’s perfectly cooked!
Looks great Bear!! I would love to do this more often but it seems my EOR always end up as jerky.

Great looking beef Bear! Soon as the local grocery has some EOR on sale im loading up on them for SV beef and hopefully a batch of jerky too. They should be whippin gout a BOGO deal on these soon...im hopin!!
Looks great! NICE SEAR. Just ran one for 48hrs and waiting to try it.

tropics tropics I thought SV would be a one trick pony but am using mine way more than I ever thought. It is killer for cooking sausage perfectly...
Nice piece of work John, I'm thinking I'm overdue for a chucky or a EOR, it's been awhile, Iike! RAY
That looks great Bear. A few weeks ago eye round was on sale and I was going to buy one and try to smoke it. The store was sold out. Now I'm glad they were, because now I know how I want to cook it, sous vide.

Beef looks perfectly done! Some great looking sammies you made, but I'm partial to your first plate... meat, mashed taters and gravy! Delicious!

Looks good. I just looked at the price of the eyes today when in town. We were at that same price, which I tend to pass on when its up like that.
That looks delicious Bear. Great work. I'd eat all of that and not complain one bit, lol. I've never SV'd before, from reading about here the last few years, I have to say my interest is definitely piqued. Thanks for sharing.
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