Eye of Round Question

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May 13, 2021
I recently found some EOR at a decent price and decided it was time to make more of Bearcarver's Dried Beef for sandwiches as I thought we ran out. Got it home and into a dry EQ cure with SPOG (salt from the cure) and a Mediterranean salt free seasoning that we like. While it was in the cure I decided it was time to reorganize the chest freezer and found a few pounds of dried beef from last year that had worked it's way out of sight. So thought why not try something different.
The idea me a a few beers came up with is this:
Pull it out of the cure and dry in fridge overnight. Cold smoke for 10-12 hours and back in the fridge overnight. Go straight from the fridge to a hot oven set to broil to get some color. Then into the SV at 135 for a while then chill and slice thin for sandwiches.
My question is what do you think about this approach? Bad idea? If not how long would you SV? I was thinking maybe 6 hours?
Not sure but I'll bump it for you... maybe too late.

Made a post on this that disappeared, interesting.

Yes cure time is the biggest issue. Along with thickness of the meat question.
How long has it been in the cure?
I completely forgot about this post lol. May have had something to do with the beer.
When I made the post I had 2 chunks of EOR that had been in the cure for 3 weeks. Cold smoked them both for 10ish hours. Wound up trying 2 different methods with them. With one I injected Kosmos brisket blend mixed with beef broth and slowly hot smoked it on the Weber kettle to 135. The other one went under the broiler to get a bit of color. (This didn't work so well and was taking too long. Next time I'll try a ripping hot cast iron dutch oven.) Then into the SV at 135 for 8 hours. Chilled both overnight and sliced fairly thin.
The results from both were good. The hot smoked one had a better taste but the SV chunk had better texture and was more of an actual medium rare.
This was an experiment mostly for my wife as roast beef is her favorite deli meat. In her opinion it tasted more like a good steak turned into sandwich meat and she told me to make sure I wrote down what I did so I could repeat it. And it sure beats paying $12+ a pound for deli roast beef at the grocery store. In the future I'll try going longer in the SV. Every time I use that thing the results make me feel like I'm cheating somehow.
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